What is TBW on a Scale?

Total Body Water on a Scale

Total body water percentage is about the total amount of fluid in body, measurement of which is expressed in percentage term in relation to total body weight. Body fat scale can be used to measure total body water percentage. These scales are based on bioelectric impedance analysis, which involves transmitting electric current that are harmless through body. As electricity finds it easy to move through water, the less the resistance is faced by electricity, the higher the indication for the body water percentage. These scales are highly useful in having an approximate estimate of total body water percentage for most people. However, having professional assistance from a doctor can help get more accurate and effective ways to estimate total body water percentage.

Importance of Assessing Total Body Water Level

Measuring total body water percentage is as important as measuring body fat percentage and muscle mass. Water is very important component in the body, which makes total body water level one of the important health indicators. Water accounts for about 50-70% of the body weight. Water is present proportionately more in lean tissues than in fat tissues. Water is used as medium in biochemical reactions, which control body functions. Water helps carry waste products from cells for emission through sweat and urine. Water helps maintain body temperature, lubricate body joints, cushion vital organs and provide moisture to mucosa and skin. State of health and hydration level of the body determines the total body water level. As water is immensely important for human body, assessing total body water level can be a useful tool in maintaining health. Estimate of total body water level can vary depending on hydration level or how much water a person drinks or how much a person sweats right before the estimation. Estimate of total body water level can also be affected by disease that causes accumulation of water in the body.

Ideal TBW (Total Body Water) Percentage

Gender, age and body composition influence total body water (TWB) percentage. Different organs and tissues in human body contain different amount of water. Generally, total body water level for men should be around 50 to 65 percent. Ideal total body water level for women should be around 45 to 60 percent. Having right amount of body water is good for sports performance, concentration levels and general wellbeing. Human body keeps losing water through sweat, urine and breathing. It is important for the body water pool to get renewed. The amount of water needed for body can vary. Activity level, climatic conditions etc affect the amount of water needed. Drinking plenty of water can help stay hydrated. It is a good idea to eat vegetables and fruits that naturally contain large amount of water.

The more fat or belly fat is in the body, the less the total body water will be. Both high amount of fat and low amount of body water is unhealthy. As there is correlation between amount of fat and amount of water in the body, it is a good idea to try and reduce body fat including belly fat, which can contribute to maintaining higher or healthier amount of body water. Monitoring both total body water level and body fat level on specialized scales is a good way to begin working on them.

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