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There is an old saying that ‘Health is wealth’. It’s very true indeed. People can realize the meaning of this proverb, when they fail to manage a fit body. Once it is lost, then it will take longer period of time to get back. There is no shortcut way to regain the shape of body.

I am requesting you to read the headline once again. You can see the word “maintaining” which is synonymous to sustaining, managing or preserving. To sustain or manage something you need to go through a certain process. So maintaining a fit body is also a process. This process does not go according to your own desire or ideology. Some of your individual habits may be good and some may be harmful for you. You have to identify them if there any harmful habit exists. You must eliminate it. It is not like that, you continue this way of living for a week or a month or a year and then it is done. It is a continuous process. You must follow this process over lifetime.

Moreover, we are human being. We often make mistake. Of course, it is very normal to make mistake. But whenever you make mistakes, you have to correct these mistakes. For example, you have gone to party or in a restaurant. In the party, there is an arrangement of buffet dinner. Seeing some alluring dishes in front of you, it may be difficult to resist yourself. So you have had a lot rich food at a time. After a few days, you will see your weight is increasing. It is very common incident in our day-to-day life. So if you make this mistake, what should you do? Well, in this situation my suggestion is, if it happens once in fifteen days or in a month, I would say to add 15 minutes to your workout schedule. It will help to burn the extra calories from your body.

Sometimes you go to sleep at late night. It happens to all of us once in every 15 days or in a month. But it should not go for a long time.

Just remember one thing, maintaining a fit body is influenced by every second you spend of your life. So every moment matters.

We always have to try hard to keep our body sound and fit. No matter how tough or hard it is, if we have wishes to maintain a fit body. Then, in course of time we will be able to manage that.

I can write down quite a number of tips for you. But it won’t help. Too many things could be very hard to follow.

So herby I am going to write down about seven major tips, which you can follow on regular basis to maintain a fit body.

1. Sleep on time

Sleep is one of the essential elements to keep you stay focused and motivated in every aspects throughout the day. It will definitely help you get release from the stress and pressure of workout. After a sound sleep at night you can utilize most of the time on the following day.

Sleeping on right time and get up early in the morning can lead you to a proper metabolism. From my previous articles, you might already learn that how important the metabolism process is!

If the metabolism occurs on time, then it will pave the way to a fit body. Health professional usually recommends sleeping 8-9 hours a day.

It may vary regarding the age, gender and weight.

2. Do some physical activities

Working out or doing some physical exercise is essential to keep your health well. Simply it is considered as a key to regain the shape of body within a short time. I am not insisting on running, weight lifting, pushups or so forth.

Rather I would like to suggest you to start with the easiest workout at the beginning. Later when it’s time you can shift to any other type of workout. Simply performing aerobics or walking for an hour, could be good start for you.

3. Stick on the healthy diet

Sticking on the healthy diet can lead you on the way to maintain a fit body. If you prefer to eat fast foods, carbonated beverages, baked stuffs, cheese, butters, chocolates, ice cream and many other fat rich foods; then in the long run you will lose the shape of your body.

Not only will the shape of your body, these foods also help you to look like an age old person.

Therefore to stay young and fit you have to concentrate on low calorie food and best fat burning food. If you are confused which food lies in two categories? Then you can find the solution in the food section of this website. There I have written about those types.

Try to stay away from fast carbs and saturated fats. These are dangerous for you, if you are already overweight. Find out the source of food rich in fiber and protein.

4. Drink enough pure water

From different studies over the yester years, it is proved that an adult person can live without food for three weeks or more. But without water a person can’t live more than a week. Therefore it is said that water is another name of life.

Because of dehydration energy level can reduce to 33% in human body. So it is better to stay hydrated throughout the day. Water also helps to keep the metabolism process sharp.

Apart from the eight loss benefits, drinking pure water has some other health benefits that directly or indirectly helps in weight loss. Such As-

  • Drinking huge water is healthy habit that helps in eliminating the tiredness and fatigue. When you drink water in desired amount the hart performs better so that you blood circulation process gets momentum. It removes the tiredness and keep your body well functioned
  • When you are stressed and then drink some water. It will help to improve your mood and bring metal stability.
  • Digestion is mostly dependent on drinking water. It boosts the metabolism rate of the body and quickens the digestion process. So you get rid of the constipation problem
  • Drinking pure water helps in flushing out the toxins and intoxicated elements from the body. Therefore, your body becomes infection free.

Above mentioned benefits helps the body in performing better and indirectly it helps to keep your weight less.

5. Be selective when you are at super shop

You are going to eat what you buy from the super shop or store. Therefore you have to predetermine to buy healthy foods from the market. Try to keep low calorie and best fat burning foods in your cart.

Going through this way, you will find the result of your selection in the long run. It will definitely help you to maintain a fit body in return.

6. Try to maintain a daily routine

I know it will be little bit tough to maintain a routine life at your age.  But from different researches it is found very helpful to maintain a good health.

Maintaining daily routine and a disciplined life can significantly help individual to maintain a fit body in return. So it would be better to do certain things in certain time.

For example, if someone tends to eat his dinner late at night and sleep just after taking dinner. Then it would be the worst habit on the way to maintain a healthy life.

7. Visualize and recognize

While you are on the way to maintain a healthy body or flattening stomach, then you shouldn’t depend on the wild guess. Rather do it more scientific way to visualize the progress. You have to keep your eyes open to observe the changes in your body.

For instance, Suppoese you are overweight and trying hard to get rid of the extra fat within the short period of time. To evaluate the progress in more scientific way you can measure your body mass once in a week or month.

If you visualize that your initiative is working, then you should stick on that. And reward yourself. Otherwise change the course of your approaches for better outcome.

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