Importance of protein

Protein is considered as one of the most important elements of food. It can significantly influences the nutrition facts. It’s also one of the great sources of energy as it produces plenty of calories in body. In USA and other developed countries protein is more than sufficient in diet. The standard amount of protein consumption for an adult is considered 50 grams per day. If you don’t know the amount, you might take either less or more protein than you needed.

To understand the required amount of protein, you need to know about the sources of protein. You will find mainly two sources of protein. One is plant based and the other is animal based. Plant based proteins are the most healthy among all the sources of protein because this source has almost no fat. This source also give you fiber and minerals. For this reason, they are very easy to digest. These boost the metabolism process very sharply. The animal-based proteins are stronger than the plant based. But it brings some fat with it. So if you do not take animal-based protein without fat, it will hinder your belly flattening process.

You may ask why it is so important to take a fixed amount of protein. Although this is a valid question. It is very important to take certain amount of protein. Because our body cannot store additional protein. So we need take some certain amount of protein every day. Another thing is. It contains amino acid, which is essential for burning fat.

You might have a question, why I am writing about the protein? The answer is very simple and it’s quite relevant with the weight loss process or flat stomach. Protein can be awfully influential to those processes. That’s why I am writing about this topic.

From the other discussion of this website we already know some important roles of protein. These are likely-

  1. Protein could be a catalyst to the jumpstart of metabolism process
  2. Protein helps to build muscles
  3. Protein can keep your body strong

The above here points are considered as major roles of proteins. Now, let me discuss about some other important facts of protein.

For the reason of Basal metabolic rate (BMR) our body tends to burn a certain amount of calories without doing any physical workouts. Since you are doing desk job, watching TV, taking rest, sleeping and so forth; but still you are burning 2200± as a result of BMR. Do you ever asked which part of your body spending that amount of calories on daily basis? The answer is you body muscles.

It necessarily means that person having more percentage of muscles can burn more amounts of calories from the body without doing anything.

Protein is the major element in body, which can significantly contribute to the muscle gaining process. Though don’t expect that all the protein you eat will just transform into muscles. But, definitely protein will help you to build muscle in the long run,

So, here is the importance of protein. If your body consists of more muscles, then you can burn more calories in return. But, if you are person who owns already a heavy body, then it’s not very important for you.

Body breaks protein instead of fat

There are few important issues incorporated with the protein. Body itself builds some mechanism to recover the lacking of certain food elements. When body realizes that you have scarcity of carbohydrate, then it necessarily tends to produce energies from fat. But you will be surprised to know that body breaks protein as well. It happens when someone stay starving for 3/4 hours. It may lead to a state of hibernation. In this particular state of your body, it will start breaking protein along with the fat. Body tends to save fat for more distress situation. It actually happens when you build a habit of not taking food for longer period of time.

Body breaks protein for the metabolism process. This loss of the protein actually refers to the loss of muscles from the body, which is really dangerous indeed.

Therefore, to keep the metabolism sharp and save muscle, it is inevitable to build a habit of taking food maintaining the short interval. More importantly, keeping protein in the meal will certainly accelerate the metabolism process.

Protein Foods

If I write down about the all foods containing protein, then it will be a big article to read. Definitely meat is the major source of protein. But, meat will help you consume some amount of fat as well unless it is lean.

If you eat a 4 ounce of beef steak, then you may get 26 gram of protein in return. But, at the same time it can provide you 33 gram of fat as well. These fats are saturated, which is very dangerous for body.

On the other hand, if you just consume one cup of lentil, you will get 19 gram of protein, but only one gram of fat. So, it’s your responsibility to decide what would be appropriate for you.

There are the names of some food containing protein, these are-

  1. Lean meat
  2. Fish and seafood
  3. Eggs
  4. Skinless poultry
  5.  Legumes like, chickpeas, lentils, beans
  6. Low fat milk and yogurt

Protein, vitamin and mineral

If the protein intake influences in your vitamin and mineral consumption, then it would be more useful in maintaining a good health. No protein does not contain vitamin or minerals, but most of good protein sources come with minerals and vitamins.

If you take lean red meats, you are getting good amount of iron. Skim milk will give you protein and calcium. Eggs, another good source of protein will provide you iron, phosphorus and zinc, and also vitamin A, B, D and E. Legumes are not only excellent source of protein, but they are high in fiber and contain vitamin B and minerals.

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