Heart rate to burn fat


For burning fat, you must know your heart rate. Knowing heart rate opens the right way to throw some unwanted fat from the body. But for effective fat burning it is needed to observe degree offat burning at same heart rate. Same level of heart rate clearly presents fat burning comparison. The more intensity you put in your workout the more you burn calorie.


The slower the pace, the more perfect to burn fat

Yes, you have read right, there is a saying slow and steady wins the race. When you are in the process of fat burning going slowly is the best way to succeed. The best heart rate for burning fat is 65% of your normal heart rate. At this rate 50% of calories come from fat. Many people think that the faster the workout is the more fat it burns. But this is a wrong perception.

Training at higher rate

If you workout at higher rate, there is no doubt that it will burn more calories. Suppose you are working out 80% of maximum heart rate which burns 50% calories from fat. But at 90% heart rate you can burn only 15% fat. Now I hope that you have better understood all this insights. It is necessary to be clear about the purpose of your workout.

Right heart rate to burn fat

In this section we will search which rate is best for fat burning. Although best heart rate depends on your purpose of workout.

Fat burning zone

This is the most appropriate heart rate for burning fat. Normally it takes long time to work out. For burning heart rate you need to take heart rate to 60%-70% of maximum heart rate. Interesting matter is,this heart rate burns 85% fat from your body.

Endurance zone

If your target is to improve your cardiovascular system as well as respiratory system then this is the best zone that you can try. With the help of endurance zone you can increase your strength of heart. To get this advantage you have to take your heart rate to 70%-80% of maximum heart rate. With this level of heart rate you can burn almost 50% fat.

High intensity zone

For raising your metabolism rate which consequently burn fat you to do high intensity zone workout. This zone burns more calories but less from your fat.  I have already mentioned that high intensity zone burns less fat but all carbs. At 80%-90% of your maximum heart rate your body will burn only 15% fat.

Effort zone

It is dangerous to workout at maximum heart rate. So before starting any maximum heart rate exercise consult your doctor. If you workout at maximum heart rate it is obvious that you can burn maximum calories but minimum from your fat.

I hope whatever approach you take it depends on your purpose regarding how much fat you want to burn.

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