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Heart rate calculator is mainly for those people who cannot count or does not know their own heart rate. Heart rate calculator helps those people to determine their heart rate. Although a calculator can’t find out the exact heart rate because it varies from people to people.

In heart rate calculator you have to just give input and it will give you the result. For counting normal heart rate morning is the best time. Sometimes stress level varies the hart rate. For taking accurate heart rate you can take pulse from your neck

  • Taking pulse from neck
  • Taking pulse from wrist

Taking pulse from neck

Put your index and middle finger on your carotid vessel.Carotid vessel lies below your jaw and at the corner of your neck.

Taking pulse from your wrist

Put your index and middle finger on your main vessel of wrist. The main vessel is placed on the lateral side of your wrist.

Based on the percentage of maximum heart rate the cardio zone exercise can be classified into five categories.

  • Light intensity
  • Moderate intensity
  • Intense
  • Very intense
  • All out intensity

Which intensity you can adopt depends on your normal heart rate and physical ability. Check out your target heart rate through this calculator.

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