Fat burning zone

Fat burning zone refers the activity level of workout at which your body burns fat. When you exercise fat burning zone workout, your body takes 50% energy from fat. The more intensity exercise the less fat burn is burned. In my previous article “Fat burning zone vs. cardio zone” I have discussed in detail about fat burning zone. Here I am going to focus on how to determine fat burning zone.

Determine fat burning zone with formula

Calculate and monitor heart burning zone

First you need to calculate you maximum heart rate. After calculating MHR you can get fat burning zone rate by multiplying you MHR with any number between 60%-70%. For example if your MHR 100 then fat burning zone will be 60 to 70 beats per minute.

You can also use a heart rate monitor which provides you heart rate depending your age, height and weight. Although some cardio machine can calculate.

VO2 Max test

VO2 Maximum test helps to determine the ability of body in transporting oxygen at the time of exercise. For this test you have to walk and into face mask that evaluate your oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. This information is useful in determining what heart rate level is most suitable for burning fat.

Talking test

This test is less technicalto analyze your fat burning zone. For example, if it feels youarduous to talk while doing workoutthen it means that you have to reduce workout intensity. On the other side if you can talk easily that indicates that you are not working out hard enough.

Applying fat zone exercise

Take strength training

It is necessary to include strength training in weekly exercise schedule. Strength training helps to build your muscle and metabolism rate. You can do this training for 2 days every week. Strength training includes weight lifting, push up, and pull up etc.

Consult your physical trainer

For best utilizing fat burning zone you can consult your personal trainer. They can help you more appropriately in designing necessary workout plan. You should also inform him about purpose of fat burning zone workout.

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