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In my previous article, ‘Fat burning zone vs. cardio zone’ I have already discussed about cardio zones. In this article I would discuss some more important issues regarding cardio zone.

Target cardio zone exercise

Some people work out according to their physical ability and stamina level. But they don’t know how much they should exercise to lose belly fat from their body. That’s why many people don’t get their desired result. Ifyou know the level of exercise that you should do then you don’t need to spend extra hour in gym.  So knowing desired heart rate is very important to drop out extra amount of fat. To do this you have know first your normal heart rate. Normal heart rate refers the number of heart beat per minute in normal situation of body. For counting your normal heart rate morning is the perfect time. According to the physicians average normal heart rate is 60-100 beats per minutes for children and adults. But for athletes it is 40-60 beats per minutes.

To know target heart rate you have to do a series of steps. These are-

  • You can take pulse of your own, first take your pulse using your tips of first two fingers by pressuring slightly over blood vessels of your wrist.
  • Then count your pulse for only 10 seconds and multiply this number with 6 to get normal heart rate per minutes. To determine your target hearts rate,you have to find out 50-85 percent of your normal heart rate.

Another way to find out your heart rate is deducting your age from 220. Here I am presenting the target heart rate or cardio zone.


Target HR Zone 50-85%

Average Maximum Heart Rate, 100%

20 years

100-170 beats per minute

200 beats per minute

30 years

95-162 beats per minute

190 beats per minute

35 years

93-157 beats per minute

185 beats per minute

40 years

90-153 beats per minute

180 beats per minute

45 years

88-149 beats per minute

175 beats per minute

50 years

85-145 beats per minute

170 beats per minute

55 years

83-140 beats per minute

165 beats per minute

60 years

80-136 beats per minute

160 beats per minute

65 years

78-132 beats per minute

155 beats per minute

70 years

75-128 beats per minute

150 beats per minute


If your heart rate is too high and you feel tired within a very short period then you can slow down. If it is too low then you can exercise some harder workouts. First few weeks you should try soft workout then you gradually increase your workouts level.

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