Fat burning zone vs. cardio zone

The terms fat burning and cardio zone refers to the scientific approaches to know much about the burning fat or calorie from the body. Although these terms are bit scientific but it’s not quite complex to understand. Usually people find it confusing and spend much time to understand the catch here. They want to figure out the better and easier way to boost up the fat burning process.

Before understanding the fact, first of all you need to know about the two particular zones and their meaning.

Fat burning zone

Fat burning zone refers to the physical state of the body, when the heart tends to beat 60-70 per minute. At this zone you will not feel tired and can breathe easily. You can cover the long walking distance in this particular zone.

There is a misconception regarding fat burning zone. In the weight-losing world, some people think being slow and steady in workout is more effective for burning fat. People wrongly believe that it burns more calories at slow and steady exercise than it burns at quick exercise. So they tend to perform workout very slowly. It has some impact in some extent on fat burning process. However, it is mostly misunderstood to the majority of people.

The actual concept is your body burns higher percentage of fat at lower intensity than it does at higher intensity. For example, you can perform workout at lower intensity for 30 minutes. In this particular situation and time, your body may burn 50% of the calories from fat.

But doing the same, activity in higher intensity will help you to burn 30% from the body fat. This 30% would be more than in amount of other 50%. So, considering the total number of calories being burned, you will find the higher intensity exercises burns more calories than lower intensity exercises.

Now, it seems that I can make you understand the concept of fat burning zone. Remember another thing, fat is not solely responsible for overweight. Calories being stored in your body in the form of carbohydrate, fat and protein can lead the way to gain weight in course of time.

Cardio zone

Cardio zone necessarily means little more workouts from the fat burning zone. It refers to the physical state of the body, when the heart tends to beat 150-160 per minute. You can easily switch to the cardio zone from fat burning zone, when you are fit enough. There are various types of cardio workout available out there. Among those some typical type of cardio are like jogging, running etc. At this zone you will breathe faster and sweat more.

A great variety of benefits is associated with cardio zone exercise. Weight loss goal can be achieved swiftly by cardio zone exercise. It increases your metabolism rate and you have less chance to amass fat. Consequently, you lose weight.

It helps you to remain in fun mood and release tension. At the same time, it removes sleeping disorder. In improving stamina cardio, zone exercise is the best option.

The duration of cardio exercise depends on your physical condition and ultimate lifestyle. If you mostly lead sedentary life style then you should gradually increase the workout session. There is no such any restriction of frequency to exercise cardio. You can perform 4-7 days per week. Nevertheless, whatever you do you must take advice from your trainer.

The intensity of cardio also depends on your physical strength and ability high intensity cardio helps you to burn more calorie than low intensity. However, at the beginning you should not perform any high intensity exercise rather you should start slowly with low intensity exercise.      

Which is the best zone to burn fat?

This is a very typical question being asked by the people while they are on the way to flatten the stomach or lose weight. I know it’s your question too. I am going to explain the catch here for your better understanding. It’s a very simple and easy math to determine. Please concentrate on the points below.

  • Suppose you have burnt 100 calories by walking this evening. If 70% of that calories come from the fat burning zone, then it necessarily means that you had burnt 70 calories from the fat.

On the other hand when you are in the cardio training zone, you would be able to burn twice as more calories from the fat burning zone. That means you can burn about 200 calories, if you do the same duration of workout in cardio zone.

But, you may already know that body tends to burn many calories from the carbohydrates when you are in the cardio training zone.

  • Now, in this particular condition minimum you will be able to burn 40% of total calories from the fat. Whereas rest 60% is burnt from the carbohydrates. That means you will burn 200×.40=80 calories from fat in return, which is certainly more than the fat burning zone. Actually percentage may vary depending on the cardio workout.

So, it is proved that you will be able to burn some more calories from the cardio zone exercises instead of fat burning zone workouts.

The myth about fat burning zone

Our body collects energy from two sources, one is fat and the other is glycogen store. When you perform lower intense workout then more fat is burned. During work out if the heart rate is 50% then fat is burned 60% and glycogen 40%. When the heart rate is 75% then the ratio takes a form like 35%:65%.

So workout with lower intensity burns more fat than high intensity workout. But it does not mean that it burns more calories in terms of total calories.

The lower intense workout has less after burn effect. When your exercise is completed then. But If you perform high intense workout, metabolic disturbance causes more calorie burn.

So the ratio of burning fat between high intense and lower intense is low comparing to the total calorie burn.

Therefore, running or jogging is simply the better option than walking for burning fat from the body.

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