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There are quite a number of disputes available about the more effectiveness of walking or running. It’s on the web, television, radio, printed media and so forth. There are endless numbers of debates on this topic. But, I don’t want to present those debates to make it more confusing for you. Rather I am going to solve it out for the better understanding to decide.

Can you remember my discussion on the topic Fat burning zone Vs Cardio zone? From there we have already known that Cardio zone exercises are more effective in calorie burning than fat burning zone.  Fat burning zone exercises are good at burning fat from the body. But, overall calorie burning is always more in the cardio zone. Burning more calories is the key to achieve a flat stomach or weight loss. Let’s talk about the math once again to make it easier for you.

Running or walking 5 miles of distance will help you to burn almost same amount of calorie. But it will make the difference between the times. Like, if you run at a speed of 5 miles/hr then you can cover that distance within an hour. Let, you could burn 700 calories in return.

Now if you cover the same distance by walking at a speed 3.5 miles/hr, then you will have to spend 85 minutes of time. Your probable calorie burning would be 600 calories in comparison of running.

So, you can see the difference here. For running you can burn more calories within less time. Running is more effective than walking in some extent. If you are fit enough for running, then hopefully you can achieve your goal within a short period of time.

Pros and cons of running

Although running is very effective type of workout to lose weight or flatten stomach. But before switching to this exercise you must need to think about the pros and cons of running.

For instance, it won’t be an appropriate choice for you, if you have the following problems. Such as-

  1. Fitness problems
  2. Aging
  3. Injury at knee
  4. Any kind of severe surgery in the legs
  5. Over weight
  6. Cardio vascular diseases
  7. Weak heart etc.

In addition, after performing running you have to think about the post performance initiatives. These are likely-

  1. Take enough rest
  2. Drink plenty of water
  3. Eat enough foods
  4. Taking bath etc.

But, walking is very easy to perform in this perspective. You can simply perform walking while getting back from the office.

You don’t need to take so much preparation to perform this exercise. It’s not very tough to manage one hour of time each day to perform walking on daily basis.

There is a table showing the differences of effectiveness between walking and running. You can go through it to understand the catch within a short time.





Calories burnt

More calories burned at a specific time

Less calories burn

You have to walk for longer time to reduce the deficit.

Burning source

Carbohydrate is burned

Directly fat is burned, if you walk at a higher speed ( your heart beat needs to be at fat burning zone)

Since you lose carbohydrate while running, after you are done, you will feel really hungry, and certainly will consume a good amount of calories.

Metabolism rate

After you finished running metabolism rate remain higher for a long time.

Doesn't have such effect on metabolism.

Running means extra calories in that day.


Health benefits of walking

There are quite a number of health benefits can be attained by performing brisk walk on every day. It’s a widely recognized form of moderate intensity workout. For its lower impact on human body anyone in any ages can start performing this workout to regain the body shape regardless the side effects. Among the numerous health benefits of walking few common benefits are -

  1. It can reduce the risk of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases
  2. From several studies it is found that walking also reduces the probability of type-2 diabetes, osteoporosis, breast cancer, colon cancer etc.
  3. Walking can strengthen the muscles of different parts of the body. Specially the lower portion of the body.
  4. Most importantly walking can help individuals to release endorphins hormones, which will necessarily boost up the feeling of wellness.
  5. Walking in a place enrich with natural beauty can help you breathe freely
  6. It can significantly contribute for reducing joint pains

Running with health benefits

Like walking running is also a recognized and popular form of workout around the world. It’s the best way to burn calories from the body. In addition to its major impact on calorie reducing, it can also help a person in maintaining a healthy body. The major health benefits of running are-

  1. Running can strengthen the ligaments of different joints
  2. It can reduce the probability of above mentioned diseases unlike walking
  3. Running can help you making stronger body muscles across the body. Abdominal, calf, hip flexors, hamstrings and many other muscles get in shape by running accordingly.
  4. It is also used as a tool to control joints pain

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