Benefits of Squats

Squats develop a person’s physical strength and power. It will at the same time increase the muscle mass. Regarded as a difficult exercise, it burns calories in the process and keeps the body fit and strong. There are several beneficial sides of doing squats and all of these benefits are vital to maintain a healthy body.

Squatting Position and Steps

Squats can be performed at any place and at any time. No equipment is required. You just need to position yourself as per instructions and follow certain steps.

Steps in Squats

  1. At shoulder-width apart stand with your feet. Now extend your arms in front. You’ve to do this at your shoulder height.
  2. You can begin by squatting down. Bend your knees at 90 degrees. Then twist your upper body to your left.
  3. Repeat the exercise to your right.
  4. Now keep the weight in your heels. Do not allow the knees to jut forward. Knees should not be away from the toes.
  5. You’ve to keep the knees facing forward. This is because the chest and the shoulders move side to side.
  6. To get better result, bend the knees as close as possible to 90 degrees.


Benefits of Squats

Squats To Lose Weight and Fat

Remember that just after squatting, body’s metabolic function increases. Different types of hormones in the body such as testosterone and growth hormone are positively influenced during this time. This is significant because when you diet and also involve yourself in exercise sessions, these hormones help you maintain the lean muscle mass in your body. This combined approach with dieting and exercising causes your body to burn extra fat. At the same time, you need to maintain shorter period of resting time between squatting sessions.

Muscle Building

Muscle growth and muscle mass improvement are two main aspects of squatting when you think about its impact on muscle building. A common belief is that squat builds up only the leg muscle. But in fact it is not true. Squatting is helpful for body-wide muscle building. Squatting releases hormones inside your body that affects muscle growth in your whole body.

Physical Balance and Movements

Your physical mobility and quick movements depend on your feet in a great way. If you have strong feet and leg strength then you can move quickly and efficiently. Even it is crucial as you are getting older and older. Squats are well known to increase leg strength. Muscle stabilization, balancing and leg muscle build-up all are achieved by regular squatting exercise. Improvement in communication between the brain and body’s all muscle groups have been observed from doing squats.

Injury Prevention

If you’re an athlete then you must have strong body ligaments, connective tissues, strong and healthy stabilizing muscles to perform well and maintain a healthy body. The strength of these body elements are greatly enhanced with regular squats. This eventually helps an athlete to avoid injuries and overcome critical physical movements.

Performing Better In Sports

Athletic ability in day to day life and sports depend largely on fitness and physical strength. A lot of study have showed that a person’s physical performance, athleticism can be influenced by exercises like squatting. This is another reason why this exercise is commonly included in most of the professional athlete's training program.

Abs and Backside Toning

Toning and tightening your body’s backside especially the butts, abs, legs through squatting is a recognized fact. Muscles that are built through squatting help to regulate glucose and lipid metabolism in your body. Even the insulin sensitivity, obesity and different cardiovascular diseases can be treated with squatting.

Removes Wastes and Cleanse Body

Body fluids are essential in removing wastes from the body. The fluid also delivers nutritional materials and foods to organs, glands and body tissues. Your bowel movements, colon health, movement of feces - all activities are benefitted by fluids. The pumping and disbursement of body fluids are improved through squatting.

But everything will be in vein if you can’t control your eating habits at the same time. You’re taking calories while you eat something. Uncontrolled eating habits will contribute to unnecessary amount of calorie deposits inside your body. So, instead of focusing only on squats you’ve to take all out measures in your efforts loose belly fat.

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