Squats and Belly Fat

Squats are regarded as one of those very effective exercises that burns fat and builds muscle. You can do two types of squats. These are free hand squats and heavy squats with weight. All forms of squats will develop your physical strength and power. Moreover, heavy squats will increase the lean muscle mass as well. Though relatively it is a difficult exercise but it burns calories in the process. As said already that squats build muscles. Therefore, one of the benefits of squats is that it burns more calories in the process of building muscles. If a person gains 1 pound of additional muscle, it indicates that his body will burn additional 50-70 calories in a single day.

Before discussing the beneficial sides of squats in detail let’s check out squats and how they are performed.


This is another easy to do ab workout that can be performed at home.


  1. At shoulder-width apart stand with your feet. Now extend your arms in front. You’ve to do this at your shoulder height.
  2. You can begin by squatting down. Bend your knees at 90 degrees. Then twist your upper body to your left.
  3. Repeat the exercise to your right.
  4. Now keep the weight in your heels. Do not allow the knees to jut forward. Knees should not be away from the toes.
  5. You’ve to keep the knees facing forward. This is because the chest and the shoulders move side to side.
  6. To get better result, bend the knees as close as possible to 90 degrees.


Squatting and Burning Calories

No doubt, it requires a great deal of efforts in doing squats. There is a direct proportional relation between the weight used in squatting and the training volume. You will burn more calories if you train for longer and harder. While you continue to do this sort of exercise, gradually at some point there will be an increase in caloric expenditure. This will eventually lead to increase in your stored body fat loss. Combined with good diet and sleep pattern squats and similar exercises will effectively reduce your belly fat.


Belly Fat Loss with Squats

Your training pattern and regularity will eventually decide how much fat you can lose with squatting. Remember that just after squatting, body’s metabolism function increases. Different types of hormones in the body such as testosterone and growth hormone will also be positively influenced during this time. This is significant because when you diet and also involve yourself in exercise sessions, these hormones help you maintain the lean muscle mass in your body. This combine approach with dieting and exercising causes your body to burn extra fat. At the same time, you need to maintain shorter period of resting time between exercise sessions. Usually not more than 1 minute.

No matter how many squats you do, this alone cannot help you lose your belly fat. Basically when you exercise you are burning calories, working with your body’s muscles. In the process your body gets slimmer. But everything will be in vein if you can’t control your eating habits at the same time. You’re taking calories while you eat something. Uncontrolled eating habits will contribute to unnecessary amount of calorie deposits inside your body. So, instead of focusing only on squats you’ve to take all out measures in your efforts loose belly fat.

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