Sit Ups for Losing Belly Fat

Losing belly fat is related to losing calorie deposits in the fat cells of your body. As you can understand that the body gets its calorie from diet so the best way to achieve caloric deficit is through your diet.


In this regard, doing exercise is just another way to achieve a caloric deficit. Obviously you cannot expect similar result as dieting in this case. Sit-up is a very common exercise. Most of the people regard this exercise as useful and effective in reducing belly fat and weight. Now take a look at sit-up before going in to detail of its beneficial sides in losing belly fat.


Sit-up Exercise

This is one kind of physical exercise that is designed to strengthen your abdominal muscles that are necessary for a person to sit up from a horizontally lying position with your face and torso facing upward. Here are three stages of sit-up exercise-


  1. At first bent your knees and sit on the floor. Your heels will be in touch with the floor. Keep your both hands on either side of the head. Drop shoulders and relax to avoid tension in your neck.
  2. Keep the feet on the ground.  Now layback until the back is flat on the floor.
  3. Then rise your back up.
  4. Keep repeating for few minutes.


Sit-ups and Fat Burning

You cannot expect reducing your belly fat by doing sit-ups. But you can lose fat in your body in general. Moderate intensity sit-ups for 10 minutes burn 51 calories (given your weight is 150 pounds). But if you do them vigorously then you can burn 92 calories in just 10 minutes. With less than 150 pounds of weight you’ll be able to burn fewer calories. Keep in mind that, you have to burn 3,500 calories if you want to lose just 1 pound. This also means that 11 hours and 26 minutes of sit-ups are required to burn1 pound of fat from your body.


Positive Aspects of Sit-ups

  1. Sit-ups build your abdominal muscles and it also makes your core stronger.
  2. While the muscle builds up in your body, simultaneously more calories are burnt which is the precursor for burning belly fat.
  3. Moreover you are going to achieve a slim and attractive look because the abdominal muscles will firm-up your stomach after lose the belly fat.


Spot Reduction and Sit-ups

Proper planning combined with hard work and efforts can help you achieve your goals. Disciplined and dedicated routine of well balanced exercises can give you the best result. To get rid of fat from the belly, you have to include exercises such as lunges and leg raises, reverse crunches and twist crunches during your workout time. You just can’t focus on a particular spot of your body. It doesn’t work. Whatever you do, start it gradually and steadily increase the number of lunges and crunches that you’re doing at the moment.

You’ve to remember that no matter how many sit-ups you do, this alone cannot help you lose your belly fat. Basically when you exercise you are burning calories, working with your body’s muscles. In the process your body gets slimmer. But everything will be in vein if you can’t control your eating habits at the same time. You’re taking calories while you eat something. Instead of focusing only on squats you’ve to take all out measures in your efforts to lose belly fat.

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