Long slow distance walk

Our body responds different ways to the activities we do in regular basis. It has some common instincts and mechanisms to understand what we want do.

Long slow distance walk is a very common form of exercises among the old and middle age people. They used to perform this type of workout on daily basis. Although they seem to consider it as a very usual type of exercise, but it plays a vital role to lose fat from the body.

Body tends to burn a significant amount of stored fat when we perform long slow distance walk. From the discussion of other section we already know that running can help us burning more calories from walking in some extent. But, you would be surprised to know that body breaks carbohydrates for its energy while we run, whereas it burns fat if you could walk at relatively good pace.

For producing energy instantly, muscle burns carbohydrate rapidly while you run. Walking doesn’t necessitate producing more energy instantly, so it tends to burn stored fat in course of time.

Now, you might want to know that what are the things responsible to determine when to burn what? For your better understanding I have written down a brief description about the muscles and its function to burn calories.

The muscle that determines what to burn against the particular type of workout

It’s very confusing for the individuals to understand why muscle determines what to burn for distinguish workout. Some facts are responsible behind this phenomenon. To understand this phenomenon, first of all we need to know about some physiological structure.

Our body manly consists of two types of muscle. These are –

  1. Slow twitching muscle
  2. Fast twitching muscle

Slow twitching muscle

Slow twitching muscle refers to those which are responsible to produce energy for the body while we walk. But we have to remember that, for burning calories we need to walk at relatively high speed. These muscles usually tend to produce energy from stored fat instead of carbohydrate. It’s happened because of body and its instinct. Slow twitching muscle refers to the lean muscles as well. You can observe a lot of slow twitching muscle in the body of marathon runners.

Fast twitching muscle

Fast twitching muscle refers to those which are responsible to produce energy for the body while we run. These muscles tend to produce energies from the carbohydrates, as this is a great source of instant energies. Fast twitching muscle cannot function for long time. It’s a major characteristic of this muscle. But slow twitching muscle can perform for long time. Its structure and characteristic make it perform for longer period of time.


If you are thinking to burn fat, then walking is definitely much easier way from running. Running necessitates more preparation and post performance activities. Moreover, to perform this you should have to have a strong body and fit structure.

On the other hand, for walking you don’t need to have the above requirements. You can simply perform walking anytime you want to. But, to make your body burn fat you have walk a minimum duration of time with a relatively high speed. It necessarily means that you may need to walk at least 30-40 minutes of time.  At the beginning of walking, like first 10-15 minutes (duration varies according to the individuals) body tends to burn energies from the carbohydrate.

After that initial time, it will automatically switch to burn calories from fat instead of carbohydrates. But, you have to remember that for burning fat your heart rate should be in the fat burning zone. I have discussed about the desired heart rate in the section named Fat burning zone.

However, if you walk too fast then your heart rate may be shifted to the cardio zone. In cardio zone you will be able to burn more calories than fat burning zone. But, it lowers the proportion of burning fat.

Walking or running- Understanding of calories burned

To help you understand about the simple math of burning calories by distinguished workout, I would like to suggest you take a look at my Walking or running page in this website. In addition, I have created a chart below for showing the statistical data of calories burned by walking and running.

Running or Walking


(miles per hour)

Total Time (min)

Total Calories

Calories burned from fat

Fat burned






0.09 lb or 41 gm






0.08 lb or 35 gm






0.07 lb or 33 gm











Lead a social life through long slow distance walk

While performing long slow distance walk on daily basis, you may find it quite a boring workout if you tend to do it alone. But, if you can form a group with your friends and family members, then you can make it more enjoyable than ever. Forming groups can pave the way to lead a social life along with the healthy life. You can easily share your stories while walking with the groups. Thereby you don’t need to find out extra time to maintain your social activities.

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