Many of us don’t want to do any kind of exercises, unless it becomes compulsory to shape the body. We are all aware that exercise is the key to good health. Although we know the fact, but we can’t manage to find enough time to perform the exercises. Therefore in course of time we will able to gain plenty of fat in our body. This extra fat in the body lead the way to overweight and overweight can pave the way to different type of dangerous diseases.

Literally, there is a chain of cause and effect relationship for not performing the exercises. We can simply stop these effects by performing some sort of exercises on daily basis.

Exercise could be vitally important for two main reasons. These are –

1. Burn extra calorie
2. Help to lose stored fat from the body

In addition, there are also diverse positive effects of exercise. Such as-

1. Strengthen muscle
2.Shaping muscle
3.Make all the body organ work properly
4. Keep the blood circulation sound
5.Increase appetite for food
6.Proper metabolism
7. Bring rhythm in daily activities

Two more positive effects of exercise which are not discussed usually:

1. Exercise makes you smarter: Recently scientists have proved that exercise triggers release of a special type of chemical in brain which increases the capacity of learning.

2. Endorphin is another chemical released in brain which increases pain tolerance and gives feelings of pleasure. This chemical is known as natural painkiller and exercise increases release of the chemical. That means, exercise helps you to be happy and to have better pain tolerance.

So start exercise to lose your belly fat and surely it will bring many other benefits for you.

You can’t evaluate your progress overnight by performing various exercises. Although you will find much information on How to lose weight fast in the web, printed media, television and so forth. But no approaches will result in success within a week.

I know you have learnt that burning 3500 calories can result in losing one pound of weight. In reality losing one pound within a day by burning 3500 calories from the body is quite a impossible task.

Many people have common misconceptions about the exercises. Some used to think that doing easier type of exercise is just waste of time, while you are on the way to flatten the stomach or lose weight.

So they tend to begin with hard work at the beginning. For instance, we always think that running is better than walking. It can burn fat faster.

But, in reality what just happening inside is quite a different scenario from the imagination. Basically body has two types of muscles, which could be observed in bare eyes. These are termed as –

1. Giant muscle
2. Lean muscle

Giant muscle has a common intention to take the calories from the carbohydrates, but not from fats.

On the other hand if you walk for long time (60-90 minutes) then the body tends to break energies from stored fats. The corresponding muscle related to the burning calories form the fats are known as lean muscles.  They usually tend to draw energies from fat but not carbohydrate. To make this happen you have to walk faster.

The burning example of this fact is marathon runner. You might observe that they don’t have any giant muscles in their body and they have a lean body short in fat.

However, I am not insisting you to just stick on the walking for longer period of time. Whenever you realize that you are fit for other type of complex exercises, then you may help yourself to switch.

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