Do I need exercise?

Performing exercise is the easier way to get a fit body. Although, you are dieting and confident that it will lead the way to flat stomach or lose weight. But, in some cases it won’t work unless you perform some sort of workout along with the dieting. It works like an accelerator to boost up the weight loss process.

Most of us aware that exercise are good for the health. But due to the laziness or enough work pressure of desk job, we can’t manage time to perform the exercise. If it goes like that way, someday you will be overweight and this state will demand more hardcore exercise.

You might have a fit body today. So you are not paying any attention to the exercise on daily basis. In addition you are tending to eat fast foods and sugared drinks regularly. Can you imagine what will happen to you in course of time?

Your weight may rapidly rise in return. You may lose your fitness dramatically. But if you were conscious, then these foods couldn’t affect you more.

                             Taking your child to school on foot can be beneficial for both of you

Most important thing is you do not need too much time for exercise. If you cannot manage 30 minutes, only 10 minutes and even 5 minutes will do. As it is said, something is better than nothing, 2 or 3 minutes exercise is will also benefit you. This site is about losing weight and you are reading this article. Why? Because you want to lose, weight and want to know about it. But your ultimate goal is fitness. Suppose somehow you have managed to lose extra fat from your belly and every parts of your body. You look nice and slim but your muscle do not have enough strength will you be happy? As I mentioned earlier exercise will help you to lose weight and at the same time, it will make you fit. Even in this busy world, it is not believable that five minutes is not manageable. It may be on grocery shop or bus queue or even in front of your office desk. Exercise does not necessarily mean you will say everyone “oh, don’t bother me. I am doing exercise now.” It may be your daily works also. You can use stairs instead of lift, you may walk or ride bicycle to reach your office. I personally think if you can take your kid to school on foot, it will benefit both of you. Nowadays children are also suffering from obesity.

Exercise can help us in various ways. Among those three major things can be prioritized for gaining a fit body. Such as –

1. Mostly it can help us to burn calories
2. By burning calories it can lead the way to reduce weight and stored fat
3. More importantly it can help us significantly to shape the body muscle

I can write down more points about the positive effects of exercising. But I don’t want to make it lengthy for you.

Now, you might have a question that, “Do I need exercise regularly” and what kinds of exercises are essential to perform?

Well there is quite a number of factors work as a pre requirements to perform exercise. Necessity of exercise varies depending on the factors. How much exercise do you need to perform is actually depend on the following facts –

  1. Your fitness goal
  2. Overall condition of the body
  3. Age
  4. Gender
  5. Capability
  6. Adaptability
  7. Availability of time etc.

To stay fit, health professionals usually recommends that children and teenager should perform some sort of exercise one hour each day. For the adult the time may differ.

Suppose you don’t have enough fat in your body and you are not overweight. Regardless the fact still you need to do two and half hours of moderate intensity physical activities in a week. Moderately intense physical activities refer to the following-

  1. Gardening
  2. Dancing
  3. Brisk walking etc

These above activities for two and half hours, is equivalent to one hour and fifteen minutes of vigorous activities. Such as-

  1. Jogging
  2. Aerobics
  3. Running
  4. Dancing

Don’t make it complex by comparing among the several exercises. You don’t need to be much judgmental at the beginning. Rather try to start with something worth to begin.

The easier one at the initial level is more effective in the long run. It can lead the way to a more complex one in near future.

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