Diet or exercise

There are many contradictions about the effectiveness of diet or exercise. People sometimes seem confused what to follow at the very beginning?

Some people do this, some people do that. Some ask their friends, relatives. Some people search information on internet. At the beginning, doing all these things will make you hesitated. So try to act wisely. Ask yourself, what do you want? Do you seriously want to lose belly fat? Once you are determined regarding this decision, you need to think about the options. If you study about the options, you will see many options. But these are two which I have already mentioned, diet and exercise. Sometimes either of the two is effective and sometimes both are essential. Depending on your physical condition, you have to consult with doctor or dietician. But whatever decision you make, you have to make it very quickly. Often many people come to me and ask about how they should start the belly flattening process. I simply answer them to choose which method they prefer or feel comfortable. Remember one thing; procrastination is equal to do nothing. Therefore, whatever you want to do, do it right now before turning it even worse condition? Do not drag this decision making process so long.

Often they evaluate for a long time to step into the right course of way. Procrastination of evaluation and searching may result in failure to follow any of these.

I have seen so many examples of that kind. Who did study too much for the proper way and then did nothing, as they were very confused. I am pretty sure that you are not that type. If you ought to gain the optimum result in the long run, then the very first thing you need to do is to determine. No matter what the process is, at least start with something.

I know many of us are overweight and don’t want to begin with exercise first. Even it won’t be easier to begin with dieting if you are overweight. Because, you need to consume enough calories to stay strong. So, both of these options are not very easy to follow consistently.

But, it all depends on your wish and perseverance. If you are determined then nothing can stop you to gain the flat stomach. On the other hand, suppose you are determined. But, you can’t manage enough time to perform workout as you have to work long hours in your office.

In that context, I would rather suggest you to begin with dieting first. After few weeks or months of dieting, if you feel comfortable and see some progress. Then you may switch to the some sort of workout.

I guess it won’t be impossible for you to find out one hour of time each day to perform some sort of workouts. For instance, you can begin with some aerobics or walking. Do these workouts in regular basis.

If you can perform dieting and exercising simultaneously, then I bet you will be successful earlier than others.

There is no one way road to succeed in losing weight or flattening stomach. You have to perform multi type of things to achieve a sustainable goal.

Last update: October 04, 2016 03:59:48 pm

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