Body fat percentage (BFP)

It’s very essential to understand the terms ‘Body fat percentage’ while you are on the way to flatten your belly or losing weight. Weight loss process is necessarily related with the body fat percentage.

Now you might have a question what is the body fat percentage? I am here to answer this question.  You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand the catch. It’s very easy and simple.

In general body fat percentage refers to the percentage of fat in comparison to the total weight. For instance, if someone has 10% of fat and his weight is 100 pounds. Then it necessarily means that the following person has 10 pounds of fat in his body. Rest 90 pounds of weight consist of bone, muscle, blood, organ tissue and everything else.

To know the actual body fat, you need to know the percentage of body fat. You can find various method online. But I doubt on the credibility of those calculations. Some people may find this method very difficult to understand. Because these formula are very complex and subtle. It may not be suitable for the understanding of the common people. Here I am describing a method for calculating body fat percentage.

Body Fat (%) = Body weight- Lean body weight*100/ Body weight

Lean body weight refers the weight that is not fat. This does not necessarily mean fat free. Lean body also has a certain amount of fat (around 3%).

Another method you can try that is US navy method. According to this method, take the circumference of your neck and hip. Then input these measurements to the body fat percentage calculator below. Instantly you will get the result.  

Body Fat Percentage calculator:


Body fats are categorized into two major divisions, these are -

1. Storage body fat
2. Essential body fat

Here I am going to describe briefly about these two types.

1. Storage body fat

Storage body fat refers to those which are accumulated in adipose tissues. They are usually tended to protect different internal organ inside the body. For example, some portion of this fat used to protect internal organs inside the chest and abdomen.

2. Essential body fat

Essential body fat refers to those which are being used to lead the life and conduct reproductive activities. Due to the reason of child bearing and hormonal activities, women usually have more essential body fat than men. The percentage of essential body fat is between 3-5 % in men, whereas 8-12% in women.

The body fat percentage is recognized widely, as it is measured for checking fitness level.

Usual body fat amounts

Epidemiologically the body fat percentage differs among the individuals according to the age and gender. There are various theoretical approaches to define the variations of it among the people. Different authorities have consequently developed different recommendations for measuring ideal body fat percentage.

This graph is collected from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey in the United States. It is showing the average body fat percentages of American. This samples was taken from 1999–2004

In males, percentage of body fat ranged from 22.9% at age 16–19 years to 30.9% at age 60–79 years. In females, percentage of body fat ranged from 32.0% at age 8--11 years to 42.4% at age 60–79 years.

Hereby, I have also listed down different body fat guidelines from American Council on Exercise and American Dietetics Association. You may take a look for better understanding.

Body Fat Guidelines from American Council on Exercise:


Women (% Fat)

Men (% Fat)

Essential Fat














Body Fat Guidelines from American Dietetics Association:


Women (% Fat)

Men (% Fat)








Over 30

Over 25

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