Transverse exercise

Transverse abdominal exercise will play a vital role to shape your stomach. It helps to strengthen the transverse abdominal muscle, which is considered as the deepest muscle in the abdominal zone. Oblique muscle usually covers this muscle. It acts like a belt to support the abdomen. More specifically it provides core stability and posture support.

Except the professional guys (like gym instructor, body builder, athlete, weight lifter etc); Most of us barely know about the importance of transverse abdominis muscle. Regardless concentrating to shape this muscle we always prioritize the outlook of abdominal zone. But, for sustainable weight loss process and flattening the stomach, it is very important to look at the wider perspective.

You have to know the pros and cons of quick success. I have already mentioned that there is no shortcut way to lose weight or flatten belly fast. You have to go slowly but surely. Then you would be able to achieve a good result in the long run.

There are various kinds of transverse abdominal exercise out there. But I don’t want to describe about all of these kinds. Here I have written down the name of few major type of transverse abdominal exercise. Such as-

1. Prone plank
2. Swiss ball rollout
3. Stability ball bridge
4. Stomach Vacuum
5. Swiss ball jackknife

1. Prone plank exercise

Prone plank is one of the easiest forms of abdominal workout. It can be a better way to strengthen the abdominal muscle. You don’t need to take the help of any instrument to perform this; moreover you don’t even need to go to the gym for performing this type of workout.

Benefits of Prone plank exercise

Planking is getting more popular for strengthening core muscles some other benefits of planks are –

  • Toned belly: Planking is the best workout exercise for obtaining six packs abs. But at the same times it is helpful for shedding fat which is core idea for weight loss.
  • Reduces back pain: Planking has a positive side effects that is beneficial for your health. It reduces back pain by strengthening the back muscles. 
  • Flexibility: It makes your body flexible. Flexible body helps to move the body easily so that you can perform other form of workout without any risk of injuries.
  • Improving balance and posture: Planking helps to give you an idea of having right balance and posture regarding the workouts.  
  • Improving mood: It has not only physical benefits but also some mental benefits. It cheers your mood and improves the performance of the internal body function.

To perform prone plank exercise at home you can read through the checklist written below-

  • Chin needs to tucked while your neck stays in parallel alignment along with the rest part of body
  • Keep your vision between the space of two eyes
  • Forearms need to be kept parallel vertically, while elbows stay under the shoulders
  • Scapula should be kept neutral
  • Keep the pelvis neutral in line with the shoulder and head
  • Feet, knees and hips should be in the same alignment
  • Toes needs to be tucked under the feet

2. Swiss ball rollout

It’s little more complicated in comparison with the prone plank exercise. To perform this abdominal exercise, first of all you need to manage a mega size rubber ball which can bear your weight. In most cases you may find it expensive to buy. That is why it would be better to perform this exercise at gym under the instruction of an instructor.

To perform this exercise you can follow the instructions below-

  • Sit on your knees and keep your arms and forearms over the Swiss ball
  • Now slowly roll on the ball by straightening your arms and extending your body as far as you can
  • Use the abs to pull the ball back to your knees
  • Repeat the process

3. Stability ball bridge

It’s also another form of abdominal workout which necessitates managing a mega size rubber ball unlike performing Swiss ball rollout. The diameter of the rubber ball must be between the ranges of 35 to 45 cm. For performing this exercise you may follow the instructions given below-

  • Keep your both feet on the ball while rest of the body lying on the floor
  • Drive through the heels and then press your body up unlike a bridge. Make sure that your hips are fully extended
  • After doing this lower your butt to the floor and repeat the whole process once again

4. Stomach vacuum

The stomach vacuum is mostly known for the isometric contraction with the transverses abdominals. From the different studies it is found that this exercise is the most effective way to shrink the waistline within a very short period of time. In some cases people can lose about 2-4 inches from the midsection within just 3-4 weeks of time. So, here is the instruction-

To perform this exercise first of all stand upright and keep both hands on your hips. Now exhale until you can bring all the air out from the lungs. Try to expand your chest as much as possible and hold. You can do these things also in the position of lying and kneeling.

5. Swiss ball jackknife

It’s just another form of Swiss ball exercises which can help you to shape your abdominal muscles. It’s more complicated than the other form of Swiss ball exercises. Without following proper instruction you shouldn’t try it at home. Here is the way to perform it accordingly-

  • First of all position your hands down the floor and the mid lower section of the body on the ball
  • By bringing your knees toward the chest try to bring the ball towards you alongside
  • Now, try to push the ball back away to the starting point
  • Hold your back flat and keep creating tension all over the abdominal zone

Theoretical approach sometime doesn’t work properly. Concerning the issue, for your better understanding I have attached a drawing along the different names of transverse abdominal exercise. Please take a look at this info graphic to learn more.

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