AB Workouts for Six Packs

Building abs specially 6 pack is a new trend among youngsters. They all want to gain abs in a short period of time easily. They don’t want to spend enough time dedicating in workouts. At the same time they follow various misconceptions to catch some short cuts. So before going to discussion of 6 pack abs building I would discuss some wrong perception regarding 6 pack abs building

Expensive workout equipments

Many People have a wrong idea that to build 6 pack abs it is necessary to workout with expensive equipments. Obviously you need some equipments but it does not mean you have to spend thousands of dollars in buying equipments.

So many crunches

You may be afraid of thinking that you have to perform thousands of crunches every day. No, you don’t need to. Crunches are very mediocre exercise and if you perform many crunches it will shrink your abdominal wall. So your body shape will become poor.


Too much “dieting or starving promotes quick abs building” is a big misconception. When you starve your internal system stops metabolism process and helpsstoring fat. So starving has very poor contribution in building abs.

Fat loss supplements

Many youngsters waste too much money in spending fat loss pill. Remember pill never bring any permanent solution. Rather it provides some temporary solution. Instead of taking pills you should find the root causes of building fat.

Now in this part I would present some workout to build 6 pack s abs.

Pull up

First grasp the bar and pull your shoulder up and down. While lifting your shoulder, you can bend legs and squeeze your butt. In advance level you can pull your collarbone to the bar and drive elbows down to your hips. Repeat this process and try it 3 sets.

Medicine ball slam

Hold a light weight medicine ball and lift it above your head. At this time keep your torso straight and stretched. Throw the ball at the ground as harder as you can. Perform this exercise 3 set of 12 reps.

Ab wheel rollout

Keep your knees down on the floor and hold the handles of the wheel. Now push your hips forward and roll the ab wheel ahead extending your arms. When you feel that you can’t go ahead take your arms back. You can do this exercise for 4 reps.

Barbell Landmine

Fix one end of the barbell in the corner of walls. Then lift the other corner of the barbell up hold it at your chest height. Now keep your arms straight and rotate it from your one side to the other side.

The pendulum

For doing pendulum workout lie on the floor and raising your legs make 90 degree shape at your hips. Keep your legs straight and rotate it from right side to the left. Try to take your legs to the close of the floor. Do these workout 4 sets of 10 reps

At last I would say be slow and consistent in your workouts and take short break between the workouts to make it more effective.

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