Ab Exercises for Beginners

You may want to start exercising for the first time to increase your physical stability and balance. Or, maybe you’re returning to fitness after a lapse. No matter what is your situation, you always need to begin with those exercises that are beginner-friendly. This means you can do these exercises anytime, anywhere without too many efforts.

So let’s check out what are those beginner level exercises.


Bird-Dog Crunch


  • Abs
  • Hamstrings
  • Glutes
  • Shoulders

  1. Place your hands underneath your shoulders. Keep the hips in line with the knees. This is the starting position.
  2. Now lift the right hand and extend the arm straight out in on you. Keep it at shoulder height.
  3. Lift the left leg and then extend it straight back. This ensures that your body is in a straight line starting from right fingertips to your left toes.
  4. Now bring the left leg to touch your right elbow and do it underneath your stomach. 5. Extend the leg and arm out once again.
  5. Return to first position.
  6. Repeat this for the other side.


Standing Bicycle Crunches


  • Obliques
  • Rotational muscles

  1. At first, stand with your feet and keep those feet hip-width apart. Place both hands behind the head.
  2. Now with a tight core, lift the right leg and right knee. At the same time lower your left elbow. Bring both knee and elbow towards each other.
  3. Return to the standing position.
  4. Repeat for the opposite side.


Seated Leg Lifts


  • Abs
  • Hamstrings

  1. At first, sit on the floor. Extend both legs straight out in front of you. Keep your core engaged and lean back slightly. This will enable you to place your both hands on either side of the glutes.
  2. Now take a deep breath. Then lift one of your legs 6 inches off the ground. Hold there for 5 seconds. Then put it down.
  3. Repeat with your other leg.




  • Abs
  • Hip

  1. At first bent your knees and sit on the floor. Your heels will be in touch with the floor. Keep your both hands on either side of the head. Drop shoulders and relax to avoid tension in your neck.
  2. Keep the feet on the ground.  Now layback until the back is flat on the floor.
  3. Then rise your back up.
  4. Keep repeating for few minutes.


Modified Bicycle Crunch


  • Obliques
  • Rotational muscles

  1. Bent your knees and sit. Keep your heels flat on the floor.
  2. Raise both hands and put on both side of your head.
  3. Now bring your right knee and your left elbow towards each other. Do it with simple and gentle twist.
  4. Then return to first position.
  5. Do a similar movement with your left knee and your right elbow.


Spider Plank Crunch


  • Lower abs
  • Glutes

  1. You’ve to start in a push-up position. Keep both hands on the ground and underneath your shoulders.
  2. Keep your toes on the ground and extend the legs backwards. Keep your body in a straight line.
  3. Lift the right leg and bring the knee towards your right elbow (the outside).
  4. Repeat the same movement for the other leg.

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