Ab Exercise for Women without Equipment

There are lots of abdominal exercises that you can perform without the help of any equipment. These exercise sessions can be arranged very easily. You just need to engage yourself on these exercises at your convenient time. Let’s look at these exercises one by one. You will get information such as your body’s position, exercise starting and ending stages etc. on each of these exercises.


Plank Taps

  • With your feet hip-distance apart, start in high plank.
  • Tap each of your hands to their opposite shoulder. To keep your hips as still as possible you’ve to engage your core and glutes at the same time.


Down Dog Taps

  • You’ve to start in a down dog position.
  • Now lift your left hand off the floor. Reach toward the left ankle.
  • Return left hand to the floor.
  • Repeat with the opposite right arm. Throughout the entire exercise, you’ve to stay in down dog position.


Plank Ups

  • You’ve to start in high plank position. Bend both arms to bring both elbows and forearms to the floor. This is a forearm plank.
  • Now push back up to starting position. Place both hands where your elbows were on the floor.
  • You’ve to repeat this movement. Alternate each side you lower first.


Warrior Balance

  • Lift the right knee to your hip height in front of your body, while standing on left foot.
  • Now reach your torso forward at the same time extending the right leg behind.
  • You’ve to keep the standing-leg slightly in a bent position. Make sure your torso is in parallel position to floor. Extend both arms overhead to make balance.
  • Reverse the movement after a pause for a second. - Repeat for the other side.


Plank with T Rotation

  • You’ve to start in a high plank position with the feet hip-distance apart.
  • Then rotate the entire body to right side into a side plank. Keep the shoulder above the wrists while doing this.
  • Now continue to drive the hips up by extending the right arm towards ceiling.
  • Then go back to center position. Repeat these steps for the opposite side.


Reverse Lunge with Front Twist

  • Stand and keep your feet hip-width apart.
  • Using your left foot take a big step back. Bend your knees to lower into lunge. At the same time twist the torso over right leg (in your front).
  • Now return to standing position and repeat with your opposite leg.
  • You can do this using a weight (as seen in the picture) or, without weight.


Plank to Dolphin

  • You’ve to start in forearm plank position. Keep your arms parallel to each other. Your palms remain flat on the floor.
  • Reach to an inverted "V" position with your body by lifting your hips up and back.
  • Take a pause. Then slowly lower down and return to forearm plank position.


Down Dog Abs

  • You’ve to start in a down dog position. Then lift the right leg into air.
  • Bring your right knee under torso. After a pause, extend right leg back to the down dog split position.
  • Now bring right knee to meet the right elbow. After a pause, extend right leg back to the down dog split position.
  • Then bring right knee to meet the left elbow. After a pause, extend right leg back to the down dog split position. Repeat for the other side.



  • At first lie on the floor face up. Extend your arms and legs. Rest on the floor.
  • Before going to V-up position, keep abs tight. Now lift both hands and feet to meet over your torso.
  • Then lower down both arms and legs and back to the floor.


Core Roll-Up

  • At first lie on mat facing up.  Your arms will be in resting position on floor above head.
  • Now float your arms up (your wrists are kept directly over your shoulders). Now begin to curl the spine up (off the floor).
  • Fold your whole body over your legs. Your body is forming a "U" shape here.
  • Reverse this movement to lower back your whole body to mat.


Mountain Climber

  • At first, start in a high plank position. Now draw the right knee under the torso. You’ve to keep your toes off the ground.
  • Now return the right foot to your starting position.
  • Switch your legs and bring the left knee under the chest.
  • You’ve to keep your legs switching.


Scissor Switch

  • You’ll start on your back. Your legs will be in straight position. And your arms will be reaching over head.
  • Now extend your right leg and at the same time curl up off your shoulder blades. In this way you’ll reach for your calf or thigh.
  • You’ll stay in this curled position for a while. Then switch your legs and repeat.

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