Ab Exercise for Men without Equipment

If you’re a man then there are many different kinds of abdominal exercises for you that can help you shred abdominal fat and extra weight. Most of these exercises are without equipments. You can do these exercises anytime, anyplace at will. These are the easiest of all. In most cases you just need to lie down on the floor on a mat and maneuver your arms, legs or the whole body in different directions.

Here, we’re going to discuss 4 basic abdominal exercises that are specifically for men. You can take the benefits of these exercises by doing them on regular basis. So, let’s check out those ab exercises for men.



This kind of abdominal exercise is regarded as a throwback to gymnasium class.   

  • At first lie flat on the floor on your back. Keep your feet planted and in front of you.
  • Now bent your legs at the knees.
  • Put both hands on the back of the head (webbing fingers together).
  • Then sit up activating your core. Start bringing your head now towards the ceiling.


Body Bend

This is a very effective abdominal exercise that you can do by bending your whole body.


  • At first lie face up. Extend your arms and legs in a resting position on the floor.
  • Keep your abs tight. Now lift your both hands and both feet to meet over your torso.
  • Then lower down your legs and arms. You’re now back to the floor.
  • Continue doing this several times.


Twisting Hip Raise

This is very helpful exercise for your hip muscles and abdominal muscles.

  • Begin by lying down on the floor on your back. Keep the knees bent. Your feet will be in flat position on the floor.
  • Make a 45-degree angle and place your both arms out to both sides of your body.
  • Brace the core and at the same time squeeze the glutes tightly.
  • Then raise the hips so that the body forms a straight line. The line stretches from the shoulders to the knees. You’ll pause for 5 seconds. During this time you’ll keep your body core braced and you’ll continue squeezing the glutes.
  • Now lower down your body and go back to starting position.
  • Repeat several times.


Legs Raise

This is a strong exercise with your legs that affect your abdominal muscles.


  • At first lie on your back. Keep both hands tucked under the butt.
  • Now suck the belly button in to the spine. Then lift both legs in front of you and make a 45 degree angle. Hold there for 1 minute approximately.
  • Then lower both of your legs.
  • Repeat the whole procedure several times.

These specific abdominal exercises for men will ensure that the abdominal muscles are strong and stable. This will also shape your body to look better from outside. The belly fat will be reduced as well. The crunches, bending, twisting, and the rising of the body in different directions will affect the whole body.

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