Abdominal exercise

Abdominal exercise refers to those exercises which are being performed to shape the abdominal muscle. It’s just another way of spot toning. You can definitely concentrate on the shape of abdomen by performing numerous abdominal exercises.

People sometime make it controversial whether the abdominal exercises are essential for flat stomach or not. I know that, it is confusing indeed. But, few knowledge and learning about the pros and cons of this exercise can pave the way to a flat stomach.

First thing I would like to mention once again that no exercise will result in success until you manage to have a lean body. You have to try different ways to reduce the fats from your body. The fat burning process is closely related with the calorie budget. The more calorie you burn, the more fat you will burn in return. Please see ‘All about calories’ page to know more about calories.

When you can measure the amount of calorie intake and expenditure, this time you may need to know about the food and diet as well. As these are very essential elements to realize the calorie budget. In addition to that, you have to learn about some sort of moderately intense exercises alongside. It’s a chain of activities incorporated with one another for achieving a lean body.

So whenever you feel that you have burnt enough of calories and fat from the body, then you may switch to the spot toning or abdominal exercises. It is the best way to shape the belly muscle in the desired way.

There are quite a good numbers of abdominal exercises available out there. You may get overwhelmed if tend to learn about every single type. So, here I am going to write down briefly about some of the well known type of abdominal exercises which you perform both at home and outside.

When you will determine about the budget of calorie intake and expenditure, this time you may need to know about the food and diet as well.

Abdominal crunches

Crunches are very basic type of exercise for abdomen. If you are not willing to go to the gym, then simply you can perform many of the crunches at home.

There are so many kinds of abdominal crunches available to perform. In my previous articles named ‘Abs crunches’ and ‘Flat stomach crunches’, I have written about those briefly. You may take a look to learn about the abdominal crunches from those articles.

Transverse abdominal exercise

Transverse abdominal exercise will play a vital role to shape your stomach. It helps to strengthen the transverse abdominal muscle, which is considered as the deepest muscle in the abdominal zone. Oblique muscle usually covers this muscle. It acts like a belt to support the abdomen.

To know more about this topic and how to perform, you may search the page named ‘Transverse abdominal exercise’ of this website.


Pilates are one of the popular forms of abdominal exercises to bring the abs in shape. You don’t need to go to the gym on daily basis to perform Pilates; rather you can make your home a gym for performing few common moves.

You shouldn’t concentrate on the quantity while performing this workout, because some particular type of this workout is evaluated by the quality ragarding the body movement.

But, before performing any types of Pilates at home make sure that you are properly being instructed or knowledgeable to the certain form. Among the various forms of Pilates available out there, here I am going to mention the name of some useful and effective form of Pilates. These are likely-

  • Roll over
  • The one hundred
  • Oblique roll back
  • Twist
  • Roll up
  • Single leg-stretch
  • Criss Cross
  • Double leg stretch
  • Scissors
  • Teaser

Bring diversity in your abs workout

You shouldn’t stick on the one particular type of abs crunches to shape your belly. It will be a great mistake if you do so. Rather you should bring diversity in your abs workout, which may increase the possibilities to succeed.

Because you never know which are the best ways to follow for achieving the goal within a short time.

So it would be more wise approach to bring diversity in the abs workout.

Calorie facts incorporated with the abdominal exercise

Abdominal exercises are mainly being performed to shape the muscle of abdominal zone. If someone can stick to the right form of this workout accordingly, just after achieving a lean body reduced in fat. Then he/ she will definitely be able to achieve a flat belly in course of time.

Another important thing what we need to care most is the calorie issue incorporated with this form of exercises. Different studies show that a person can burn some calories from the body by performing abdominal exercises regularly. Hence, the amount is not so big in numbers. But it can pave the way to achieve the goal in long run.

For instance, a person weighing 165lbs of weight can burn about 84 calories from the body just by performing 15 minutes of moderately intense abdominal crunches.

Count your progress

Performing different kinds of abdominal exercises are not the only way to get desired belly shape. There are so many other things you have to synchronize along with this exercise. Your everyday walking, running, jogging, hiking, gardening and most importantly the dieting can pave the way to lose belly fat. So, it would be the better approach to count every single and little progresses while you are trying out all these things together. You should build up a habit of recognizing every single progress and thereby combining the smaller achievement you will go ahead toward the bigger achievement.


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