Work Your Lower Abs

There are numbers of beneficial exercises that can help you work your lower abs. These exercises are beneficial and effective because they target the abdominal muscles. Any exercise that focuses more on the muscles help you gain greater strengths over time. Therefore properly performed lower ab workouts are essential to keep your body fit and strong. Let us now check some common procedures that work on your lower abs.

Leg Lift Procedure

Leg lifts can help you tone the obliques and lower abs.


  1. At first lie on an exercise mat. Raise your legs so that the legs are straight up over your hips. Also, rest both hands palms down at your body’s two sides.
  2. Now use your lower abs to get help to lift hips off of the floor. Also, pull them toward your ribcage. Then turn the hips to the right side and hold in that position for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds you can return to the starting position.
  3. Repeat the whole procedure for your left side.


V-ups Procedure

To engage your lower rectus abdominal muscles you should focus on workouts like this where you need to lift both legs off the floor.


  1. At first lie on the floor face up. Extend your arms and legs. Rest on the floor.
  2. Before going to V-up position, keep abs tight. Now lift both hands and feet to meet over your torso.
  3. Then lower down both arms and legs and back to the floor.


Resisted Single-Leg Stretch Procedure

This exercise uses similar pressing action as done in the static press. But the weight due to your extended leg makes this exercise more challenging.


  1. At first lie on the back. Then bend both of your knees into the chest. Keep feet flexed.
  2. You’ve to interlace the fingers on top of the right thigh. Now extend the left leg out in parallel to floor.
  3. Then lift your shoulders and head off the floor. Now curl up over top of your ribcage. At the same time look at the legs.
  4. Now press the palms against the right thigh. While doing this tip your pelvis to bring the right knee in towards the chest.
  5. Then switch both legs. Press the palms against your left thigh while the right leg will be extending in parallel to floor.
  6. Repeat the procedure several times.


Criss-Cross Lift And Switch Procedure

This exercise will double benefit you compared to other exercises if done properly.







  1. Lie on the back with the arms by the sides. Extend your legs straight up towards ceiling.
  2. Cross your right leg over the left leg. Keep toes pointed. Now brace the abs in tight and inhale. At the same time, lower both legs about 45 degrees. When you exhale, bring both legs back into the body. Lift both legs overhead on an angle. While doing this lift the hips and keep them back off the floor. You’ve to press down on floor using both arms for support.
  3. Pause for a while and then return to starting position.
  4. Repeat for several times.

Hip Thrust Procedure


  1. At first lie down on your back. Your knees are bent. Your feet will be on the floor and about shoulder width apart.
  2. Now contract your lower abdominals to pull your torso forward. This will create a diagonal line between knees and your shoulders.
  3. You’ve to hold in this position for 3 seconds. Then return to the original position.
  4. Repeat several times


These essential lower ab exercises, if done on a regular basis, can bring good result on your body fitness and belly fat control efforts.

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