How Often Can You Work Your Abs?

If you think the more the better then it is not right in every case. And this is particularly true in case of abs workout. There is a tendency in today’s world to achieve six-pack ab. From this mindset most of the people might think that hitting the midsection hard after each workout will bring the expected result. But this is not true. The truth is that the abdominal muscles in your body are just like other muscles and they are similarly vulnerable to stress and other damaging factors. These muscles require rest in between exercise sessions. Moreover, if you perform exercises like crunches or planks at the end of every workout then the midsection in your body will be in a constantly overworked state. This kind of state will prevent any expectation to be achieved.

You’ve to be result oriented and prevent over training. The target should be to focus on hitting the core. You’ve to do this 2/3 times a week post-workout. You’ve to include a variety of core exercises during those workouts. Good variations in doing workouts include cable wood chops, planks, and abdominal rollouts. Also you need to vary the exercises and vary the intensity of those workouts to monitor results.


Things to Consider In Abs Workout


The main target in ab workout is the abdominal muscle. But there is a difference between the abdominals and other muscles in your body. The abdominals are engaged on regular basis, which help you keep upright, facilitates breathing and they also undergo stress during the time of bending or leaning. Therefore it is important that you allow the abs to rest. But if the abs is constantly pushed to their maximum limit, the result is that these muscles never get time to grow. Look out for the frequency of your ab exercise and resting time.

Session Time

Remember that you need to aim for 20 to 30 minutes per session on ab work. Of course you can’t just sit on the floor and count the number of crunches. Your target should be to mix a number of exercises that affect both the upper and lower abdominal muscles. And if yoy target the core then you can consider Yoga or Pilates sessions.

Push Hard and Heavy

Usually the abdominals are accustomed to endure constant stress.  Due to this condition, you’ve to hit your abdominals as hard and heavy as possible.  You’ll not achieve the goal with only crunches and other weightless exercises. Apart from increasing abdominal muscle endurance you’ll not gain anything significant in this way. So, you’ve to mix weighted and weightless exercises. The standard is 2:1 ratio of weighted exercises to weightless exercises.

Whole Approach

Think of ab workouts as just one piece of the whole equation. A layer of skin and fat cover your abs. You’ve to remove this layer of fat covering the abdominals. To do that, a routine has to be followed that involves cardio, High Intensity Interval Training and weighted abdominal exercises.  Better exercise options include those that hit multiple muscle groups of your whole body. These exercises affect your abdominals at once.

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