Ab Workouts for Women

If you’re a woman and you’re serious about your figure, than you need to perform abdominal workouts regularly. At least 3 days in each week. There are so many different kinds of abdominal workouts. But you’ve to select the ones that will bring you the best result.

Remember there are 2 important things to consider when you select abdominal workouts for you. There are different movements to follow in doing exercises. You’ve to choose those movements that are effective to your abdominal muscle. Moreover, you need to follow specific routines in doing workout sessions to get the best results. A lot of fitness instructors and many women have particularly identified 8 movements and 5 unique routines that are highly effective for your abdominal muscles.

Therefore, let’s check those movements and routines in detail.


Abdominal Workout Moves

Move 1

At first secure an ankle strap around both of your ankles. The strap, with the help of a cable and pulley, will be attached to bottom of the machine at the other end. After doing these, lie back on the floor. Then lift both legs over your hips. Bent your knees at 90 degrees. Now extend both of your arms along your sides.


And now lift your hips. Then bring both knees toward your head. Do it as far as it is possible. But keep both knees bent. At top position, pause for a moment. Now slowly uncurl to starting position. You’ll be resisting the machine’s pull on this return.


Move 2

With your bent knees and legs together, sit on the floor. Now hold a kettlebell in front with your elbows bent. Lift both of your feet off the floor. Balance your position on your tailbone. Then twist to the right. At the same time touch the kettlebell to the floor while twisting. And then immediately twist to the opposite left. Repeat this process. Alter sides and continue.


Move 3

At first stand with your feet and shoulder-with apart. Then turn your left foot out. Now hold a kettlebell in the right hand. Just over your shoulder, straight up in the air. Place your left hand on your left thigh’s outside. You’ve to turn your head and look up toward the kettlebell. Now kick your right hip to its side. Then drop slowly down toward left ankle.

You’ve to slide your left while hand down along your legs outside. Your right arm has to be kept straight up. But the kettlebell will be in the air. After going as low as possible you’ve to reverse the movement. Then you’ve to return to a standing position.


Move 4

You’ve to attach a rope to a cable at first. Then raise the pulley. In each hand, hold a rope end. In front of the machine, just kneel on the floor. Then draw both ends of the rope to both sides of your head. Now lock your both arms in place.

Curl down while keeping your hips steady. Now reach both elbows toward your quads. Do it while contracting your abs. Exhale hard. You can now pause a moment. Then slowly go back to the start.


Move 5

At first set the TRX above the floor at 4-6 inches. Place your hands underneath your shoulders and on the floor. While laces down, secure your feet in the cradles. Now extend your legs. You're now in a suspended plank and your feet a little lower compared to your both hips.

Swing both of your legs while keeping them straight and together. By squeezing your obliques swing both legs to the right. At the same time pull your hip up and move it towards your rib cage. Now swing to the left on the opposite side by squeezing. But before swinging to left side have a pause.


Move 6

This is just like the previous move at the beginning. At first set the TRX above the floor at 4-6 inches. Place your hands underneath your shoulders and on the floor. At first set the TRX above the floor at 4-6 inches. Place your hands underneath your shoulders and on the floor. Now extend your legs. You're now in a suspended plank and your feet a little lower compared to your both hips.

With both of your legs straight and together, lift both hips toward the ceiling. Now contract your abs in a way so that you can come into a pike. Straighten your arms and back. At the peak position pause a moment. Then slowly lower back to starting position.


Move 7

Bent your knees and lie on your back. Your feet will be flat on the floor. In this position, your lower back will be arching naturally. Now reach up using both arms toward the rope. Then curl your head and up your shoulders off the floor.

You’ve to climb the rope after reaching up with your both hands. Twist side to side and lift up while keeping head, shoulders off the ground.


Move 8

Keep your head, heels, and hips in line. Now get into plank but make sure your both hands are underneath your shoulders.

Your both hands will work as the pivot point. Around in a circle, walk your feet. You’ve to complete revolution in each direction.


Abdominal Workout Routines

Now get prepared to learn the correct routines to do these workouts. Below are descriptions of 5 routines that are regarded as highly effective with the above mentioned moves.


Routine 1

Your abs and core have to stabilize your body’s spine. They are also required to control your physical movement whole day. Therefore, one very important component of abdominal training is the endurance of your body. This workout uses moderate higher reps and weight to push that threshold to the limit of endurance. As a result, the total process makes you stronger, tighter, and leaner.


Routine 2

This is a powerful routine. If you can follow this routine you can do all things together in just 5 minutes. You will burn out your abs, kick-start your body metabolism and also burn fat rapidly. To do this, select any one of the above moves such as the "rope climb" crunch. You may select the kettlebell Russian twist also. Now do the move for 20 seconds all-out. Then take a rest for 10-second. Then go again for 20 seconds. You’ve to repeat this pattern again and again. Better repeat 8 times in total.


Routine 3

With the kettlebell moves, build the oblique has and make them hard and heavy. You can select a moderate to heavy weight to do the kettlebell moves. You’ve to execute each rep with perfect form. Between sets, take rest up to 1 minute and not more than that.


Routine 4

This is highly effective to carve neat little squares that you often notice into your midsection. This is a rectus-intensive superset workout. You’ve to do this cable moves on weekly basis. In order to encourage growth, use moderate to heavy weight. Consider the plank circles as recovery move.

For better result, perform two exercises back to back. Do those without rest. When both exercises are done, you can take rest for 1 minute. Then you can repeat both exercises again.


Routine 5

In less than 10 minutes, this program will hit your total core. It is better therefore to keep this routine at the end of a workout. You’ve to do each move for 1 minute. Do this using good form and at the same time remembering to breathe.

Do not take too much resting time between moves. Otherwise, this will elevate your heart rate. Also too much rest will slow down your metabolism. Do this routine at least once for a 5-minute ab blast.

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