Ab Workouts for Women At Home

Abdominal workouts or, Ab workouts especially for women who stay at home are easy to arrange. If you’re a woman and staying at home most of the time, then you’ll have to put little efforts to do these workouts. So let’s see how you can start these workouts at your home.

There are different kinds of abdominal workouts. But following workouts are the simplest of all and regarded as ideal for you to perform inside home.


Abdominal Hold

This may look awkward at first. But this is a common ab workout that you can do at your home.



1. At first sit tall on the edge of a chair. Alternatively, step with four risers. Now place your both hands on the edge. Use your fingers and point toward your knees.

2. Now tighten your abs. You need to bring your toes up 2 to 4 inches and off the floor. You’ve to lift your butt off that chair.

3. As long as it is possible for you, try to hold this position. You’ve to aim for 5 to 10 seconds in this case.

4. Now lower yourself down. Then repeat.

5. You can continue this exercise for at least 1 minute.


The Side Crunch

The side crunch is little bit difficult that tests your balance. At the same time it teases the oblique muscles.



1. Start by kneeling on the floor. To your right side, lean all the way over. Now place your right palm on the floor.

2. Keep your weight in balanced position. Now pointing towards your toes, slowly extend your left leg.

3. You’ve to place the left hand behind your head. Point your elbow toward ceiling.

4. Next, lift your leg slowly to hip height. At the same time extend your arm above your leg. Your palm has to be facing forward.

5. Now look out over your hand. You need to do this because you are bringing toward your hip the left side of your rib cage.

6. Return to starting position. Repeat this 6 to 8 times.

7. After doing two sets you can switch sides.


The Hundred

This is a very common ab workout that many women do at home.



1. Bent your knees and sit tall on the mat. Your knees have to be bent by your chest.   Your hands will be kept at your sides.

2.  Now with your knees bent, lie down. Your palms face down.

3.  Raise your head, shoulders off the mat and exhale.

4. Pump your arms vigorously 6 inches up and down. Reach using your fingertips.

5. At first inhale for 5 pumps. Then exhale for 5 pumps. Make sure that you curl your chin in toward the chest.

6. Perform 100 pumps. Alternatively do 10 full breaths.

7. Keep the lower back pressed in (toward the floor). Keep the lower abs pulled in (toward your spine). Throughout the workout, you’ve to keep your abs engaged in this way.


Opposite Arm and Leg Raise

This move will make you feel longer, balanced, and steadier.



1. Align both knees under the hips. Keep the wrists under the shoulders.

2. Now raise the left arm to your shoulder height. Keep your left leg to your hip height.

3. You’ve to hold for 2 counts. Reach forward with the fingers. Then back with the heels.

4. For the opposite side, repeat this exercise.

5. Alternate your sides.

6. For a bigger challenge, touch your opposite elbow to your knee as you pull your arm and leg in.


The Prone Plank

This is a very simple move that you can do inside home at anytime.



1. Keep your palms on the floor and beneath your shoulders. Now get into a full pushup position.

2. For at least 30 seconds hold here. Keep your abs contracted. Keep your arms and legs extended. And keep your head aligned with your spine.

3. After building a little strength you’ve to hold this position for a longer period of time. You need to do it for up to 1 minute.

4. To do a deeper level of workout you can try one-arm stable switching plank.


Squat Thrust with Twist

This is another easy to do ab workout that can be performed at home.



1. At shoulder-width apart stand with your feet. Now extend your arms in front. You’ve to do this at your shoulder height.

2. You can begin by squatting down. Bend your knees at 90 degrees. Then twist your upper body to your left.

3. Repeat the exercise to your right.

4. Now keep the weight in your heels. Do not allow the knees to jut forward. Knees should not be away from the toes.

5. You’ve to keep the knees facing forward. Because the chest and the shoulders move side to side.

6. To get better result, bend the knees as close as possible to 90 degrees.


The Climb Up

This exercise is comparatively crunchier than other lying-down crunches.



1. Lie on the floor. Use a 3-foot-long scarf (or use a towel) and wrap it around the ball of the right foot. Bent your knees and keep the left foot on the floor.

2. Next hold that scarf in both hands. Then extend the right leg. Keep your foot flexed.

3. Now slowly walk your hands up the scarf. At the same time lift your shoulders and head off the floor.

4. Now go back to starting position. Walk your both hands back down the scarf.

5. Do it on each side. Keep your head neutral and don't tuck the chin (or tilt back).


Ballet Twist

This is basically side-stretching and a modified half-crunch.



1. At first sit on the floor. Extend both legs while pressing them together.

2. Now lean back at 45 degrees from your hips.

3. Next keep your abs engaged. You are actually bringing both of your arms overhead just like a ballerina.

4. Then slowly twist the torso to your right. Place the right arm on the mat. At the same time, keep the left arm in a way so that it is reaching overhead for a slow count of 3.

5. Now repeat this movement. Keep the left arm on the floor. Also keep your butt and heels on the floor.

6. You’ve to contract the abs to support your spine. You are doing this while you return to center and bringing both arms overhead.

7. Alternating your sides.


The Single-Leg Stretch

You will get good result after few days of consistent workout of this kind. This ab workout burns calories quickly.



1. Bent your knees and lie back in the center of the mat. You’ve to curl your chin and move it toward your chest while at the same time lift the head and shoulders.

2. When you draw the left knee in and toward your chest, inhale. Place your left hand on the ankle. Keep the right hand on the knee.

3. You’ve to lift the right leg at 45 degrees and off the floor.

4. Now switch your legs. Extend the left leg and at the same time hug your right leg to the chest.

5. Then switch hand positions. Do it each time you switch legs. Place the right hand on the right ankle. You’ve to keep the left hand on the right knee.

6. Do this for each side.


The Cobra

Getting into this position is like a welcome change specially after doing regular crunches and lying-down exercises. 



1. Keep your palms near the chest and lie face down on the floor.

2. You’ve to lift the head, chest, and shoulders off the floor. Pull down the shoulder blades together.

3. Do this 2 times. Then lower back down before repeating 8 to 10 times.

4. You can try lifting your hips and thighs off the floor and do a more difficult exercise.

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