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Almost every one of us strives to maintain a fit body. But, it’s not very easy task now a day, as we are accustomed to do many kinds of in house work or desk job. We have found very little chances to perform physical activities throughout the day as a result. There is an old saying that ‘Health is wealth’. It’s very true. People can realize the meaning of this proverb, when they fail to manage a fit body. Once it is lost, then it will take longer period of time to get it back. There is no shortcut way to regain the shape of body. We always have to try hard to keep our body sound and fit. No matter how tough or hard it is, if we have wishes to maintain a fit body. Then, in course of time we will be able to manage that. A fit body can help us to maintain a fresh mind as well.

Many of us don’t want to do any kind of exercises, unless it becomes compulsory to shape the body. We are all aware that exercise is the key to good health. But, we can’t manage to find enough time to perform the exercises.  Therefore in course of time we will able to gain plenty of fat in our body. This extra fat in the body lead the way to overweight problem and overweight can pave the way to different type of dangerous diseases. So, fitness and exercise can keep us safe from the probability of being affected by numerous diseases. Exercise could be vitally important for two main reasons. Such as –

1. Burn extra calorie
2. Help to lose stored fat from the body

If you don't like to perform exercises in regular basis, in addition you are not much overweight then you can do some moderately intense exercises like long slow distance walk or any other type of activities. These could be less in intensity but help to maintain a fit body in the long run.

I am not insisting you to switch on the running at the initial level of workout. Running can be significantly helpful to burn calories from your body. But, you will be surprised to know that at the time of running the giant muscle becomes active. This muscle has a common trend to burn calories from the carbohydrates instead of stored fat.  

On the other hand, if you can walk for longer period of timer then your body will start to break calories from the stored fat. At the time of walking lean muscle seems to be active in burning calorie from the stored fat instead of carbohydrate.

Now, to keep your body fit and to lose some extra stored fat you don’t need to do so many things at the beginning. Simply you can start with any kind of moderately intense workout.  For knowing more about the fitness and exercises, you can read the other articles under this option.

Obstacles maintaining the fitness

There are significant numbers of obstacle we are compelled to face while we are trying to maintain a fit body. It’s not likely that the obstacle comes to us willingly; the actual thing is we have to go through these obstacles as we are leading daily life. Few very common obstacles being observed in daily life are likely-

  • Traditional food habit rich in fat
  • Eating high caloric foods
  • Doing desk job
  • Maintaining social life
  • Attending parties
  • Fail to manage time to perform physical exercises at home or outside
  • Lack of outdoor space
  • Lack of opportunity on playing games
  • Obesity

Overcome the obstacles and start doing some exercises

You might face more than these above mentioned obstacles while you are trying hard to burn extra calories from the body to get rid of the fat. Sometimes it is not possible to overcome all those obstacles, as those are considered as a part of your life. For instance, you can leave your desk job from the next day and switch to another job, which will let you involve physically instead of desk work.

However, you can try to manage or bring out some extra time to perform exercises in some extent. For example, if you are doing desk job and at the time of coming back from office, you can walk on the side way for at least 30-45 minutes a day.

I guess it won’t be impossible for you. Thereby, step by step you can boost up your range of working and someday later you will find that you would be able to overcome many obstacles on the way to maintaining a fit body.

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