Customize your goal

There are significant numbers of ways available out there to flatten your belly or lose weight fast. It’s on the web, printed media, television program, radio and what not.

Now, you may be overwhelmed if you keep your eyes and ears on everything. You have to be determined and fix your goal for the better outcome. No matter how hard it is, you have to be stick on your goal.

Too many ways, too many possibilities. You never know what would be the best way to follow. Therefore, before stepping into any of the approaches think about its long term effect and impact. Be logical and persistent to achieve the goal.

Suppose you are trying to reduce 30 pounds of weight from the body. To accomplish this job if you make a plan for one month or less, then it would be quite an unrealistic approach to achieve your goal.

Rather you can customize your goal considering its outcome or feedback. Think in wider perspective and plan for the long term. There is no shortcut way to succeed. You have to go slowly but surely.

Once you have fixed your goal then it necessitates customizing your corresponding behavior and habit. Sometimes you might have to change the course of your food habit, daily activities, exercises and so forth.Your unrealistic goal and blind method will certainly result in failure. What you never wanted to be.

Customizing goal does not mean that your are deviating from your ultimate goal. It means setting a goal and taking a course of action that is flexible to your comfort level and ability. It is not a good idea to make a stiff plan. Be comfortable and let your plan be adaptable with your personality. If any change happens, you have to adapt with the changes. For example, normally you consume 2500 calories per day. At the primary stage, you have fixed a goal to consume 100 calories less per day for the first month. But after few days, you see that it is very difficult to consume 100 calories less per day. Ok fine you can consume 50 calories less per day. After a few days, you can increase this amount gradually. So whenever it demands, carefully go with it. Following a stiff plan will bring a negative result for your health.

Thinking realistically is precondition to customize your goal. Sometimes changing in the plan cheers the mind. It removes the boredom of following the same guideline. To capitalize the benefits of this change, you have to be adaptive with the every changing situation. But always be sure that you are on the right path of flattening belly process.   

Food habit, work out plan, daily activity all these factors will design your customized goal. Check out these factors to make your customized goal easily achievable. 

Here, I am going to present a calculation for long term approach. It’s mainly done on the basis of calorie budget. Because, budgeting on the calorie is the most vital thing to customize a sustainable goal.

Let’s get to the point-

Customize your goal according to the calorie budget

First of all you have to figure out your current weight and your desired weight. For instance, let your weight is 200 pounds at this moment and you want to make it 140 pounds at the end of this year. It signifies that you want to lose 60 pounds of weight from your body down the year. Sixty pound of weight is worth a deficit of 210000 calories from the body.

Secondly, you have to know about your calorie intake and expenditure rate on each day. You can get the help regarding the calorie issues from another page of this website named ‘Calories’. Suppose you are burning 2200± calories on each day just for Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). I guess you are performing some sort of aerobic activities alongside, which may worth of at least 100 calories. You can make this happen just performing 30 minutes of moderately intense walking. Thus you are spending 2300± calories on each day.

Now, let’s think about your calorie intake on the following day. This is the most important part of the whole planning. You have to determined what you will eat everyday and never eat more than 1600 calories per day. The food worth of producing 1600 calories can be equivalent to 400 grams of carbs or protein.

Now after deducting the calories intake from the expenditure, you will get a result (2300-1600) of 700 calories deficit on each day. Thus, at the end of the year you will be able to make a total deficit of 700× 365=255500 calories and you can achieve your goal within just 300 days (700×300=210000).

Within next 65 more days you will be to burn more 45000 calories, which will be worth of more 13 pounds off from your body. This is very much practical and very much possible to achieve. I am presenting this calculation to inspire you think at wider perspective.

So, by following this process at the end of the year you will be able to lose more or less 53 pounds of from your body.

Be consistent on achieving your goal

From the previous discussion of this article you have already gotten an idea about the calorie burning issue and the series of workout day by day, which can lead you on the way to lose belly fat. If you are properly knowledgeable on budgeting calories, then you can customize your own plan according to your caliber. It's inevitable to not making any unrealistic goal while planning on calorie budget.

After making the plan the major fact is the adherence to your goal. I have seen so many people who did make big plan, and then after few days of practicing, they found it very unrealistic and monotonous as well. So, they give up trying those activities and result in failure. Their customize goal didn't work at all.

In that perspective I would like to suggest you that it is better to perform very few activities at the beginning to shrug off some calories on daily basis.

This will keep you up all the ways to lose belly fat. Be consistent and determined to achieve your goal. Try to bring the diversity on your workout plan. Thus, you will get rid of the monotony of performing same work every day.

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