Get Rid Of Lower Belly Fat

Fat in Lower Belly

Fat in the lower bit of your tummy is frustrating and embarrassing. This is regarded as a problem. It not only affects your outlook negatively but also poses a danger to your health in many respects. Lower belly is a semi-body part and getting rid of fat, that deposit in it needs attention and efforts. Exercise on regular basis, controlling diet and maintaining certain behavioral pattern can help you overcome this problem.


There are many factors that are responsible for accumulation of fat in your body. These are mainly:

  • Your sedentary lifestyle.
  • Your tendency to eat sugary foods and high fat foods in large amount.
  • The way or pattern fat is accumulated in your body is determined by genetics, your age as well as the structure of your body.

Let’s see the options that you can attentively follow in your life and put your full efforts on. These options are described below according to their classifications.



There are different kinds of exercises that can play vital role in reducing your lower belly fat and keep you fit and good looking.

Morning Exercise

Each morning you can schedule a workout session. Morning workout is beneficial in a sense that it is done prior to eating the first meal. A lot of calories that is burn during morning workout actually come from fat. A 30 – 60 minutes session of regular morning workout can bring good result for you.

Aerobic Exercise

You can go for aerobic exercise. With a target to lose your lower belly fat faster you can do cardiovascular exercise such as walking briskly, hiking, cycling, swimming, and dancing. These exercises can burn calories in great numbers. They can also help speed up body metabolism. Aerobic exercise of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity in each week is recommended.

Strength Training

Select strength training. A few days of strength training can bring good result. This training will help you tone your muscle. They can also help you maintain a lean muscle mass during diet control. Each week you’ve to do at least 2 to 3 days of strength training. Exercises that affect all your major muscle groups or entire body are preferred. Some of these exercises include the plank, v-sits, or crunches.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HITT)

Remember, you’ve to alternate the short bursts of increased training activity with the small periods of slow training activity. Think of intersperse brief periods of sprinting in between normal walking sessions. Doing interval trainings on routine basis can burn more calories.

Resisting Training

Resistance bands, free weights, or exercise machines are used to do resistance training. The abdominal fat is more effectively dealt with if you can combine resistance training with any of cardiovascular or aerobic exercises.

Exercises for Lower Ab

You will be happy to know that there are specific exercises for your lower belly region. They focus on reducing fat in that particular semi-body part. These exercises include roll up, straight leg raise, hip lift, reverse crunches, and scissors.



Selection of diet and quantity of foods play a crucial role in controlling not only lower belly fat but also the total accumulation of fat in your body. Let’s take a look on this issue:


You’ve to reduce your intake of calorie. You’ve to understand that reducing lower belly fat is not a separate issue. In order to lose fat and weight in that part of the body you’ve to affect the total fat deposition in your whole body. Start this reduction process by cutting about 500 – 750 calories from your daily diet. Then increase the amount of calorie reduction gradually. But don’t cross the recommended minimum limit of calorie intake according to your age.


You’ve to reduce carbohydrate diet as much as possible. Instead, you’ve to focus on protein base foods, fruits and vegetables. This will effectively help you shred fat and weight from your body. Your belly fat will be reduced at a faster rate if you mostly take natural fruits and vegetables that are rich in protein. In this regard, you can choose mostly those vegetables that are non-starchy. This kind of vegetables includes peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, tomatoes, lettuce, or cauliflower. Having leafy greens (1 – 2 cups), mixed green salad of raw vegetables at each meal can also be considered. Try to eat 1 or 2 fruits on daily basis.


You should limit foods that are grains. Bread, pasta, and rice are significantly higher in carbohydrates. To lower your calorie intake, you’ve to reduce intake of these foods as much as possible. Alternatively, you can choose grains full of nutrition. These foods will keep you full for a longer period of time. Examples of these foods include quinoa or oatmeal. You’ve to switch to whole grains. Researchers observe that eating whole grains can help you more to lose belly fat compared to eating refined grains.


Sugar is one of the main culprits to grow excess stomach fat. Therefore, you’ve to skip any kind of added sugars. Usually, companies add sugars to their products during the manufacturing process. Ice cream and cookies have added sugar. Moreover, items like juice, crackers, pasta, and sauce also contain added sugar. Select natural sugar that is found in fruits. Natural sugars in fruits are not as harmful as artificial sugar and they absorb in the body more easily. Honey, dried fruit, dark chocolate, and Greek yogurt are good examples of natural sugar.


You’ve to drink plenty of water. You can maintain your body's normal functions by staying hydrated. In many studies, it has been observed that drinking plenty of water help to shred fat and weight faster. Water not only keeps you full for a longer period of time but also makes your body metabolism faster. It also helps you to flush out the toxins that are deposited inside your body over times.


Remember that breakfast that you take in the morning is the most important meal for you in whole day. Studies have proved that you need to eat breakfast within an hour of your waking up. This will help your insulin level to remain in steady state. Moreover, your LDL cholesterol level will also remain low in this way.

Good Fats

Not all fats are bad. There are good unsaturated fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated). Avoid trans-fats and saturated fats while taking foods. Avocados, seeds, soybeans, chocolate, and nuts are full of unsaturated fats.

Fiber Foods

Reduce your insulin level and maintain a healthy digestive system by taking foods rich in fiber. All these will boost your effort to remove your belly fat. Fresh fruits, vegetables are rich in fiber.

Vitamin C

Adequate Vitamin C in your food intake will help you to check your cortisol level under extreme stressful condition. Vitamin C is also important for producing carnitine. This chemical compound is used by your body to burn fat for energy. Orange, lemon, kiwi fruits, kale, lime, bell peppers are Vitamin C.




Try to avoid stressful conditions. Otherwise, the Cortisol hormone, which is responsible for storing extra fat (in your belly’s midsection) will increase significantly. This will also push you to eat comfort-foods and cause more emotional eating rather than out of hunger. You’ve to eliminate those people and things around that are stress-provoking. Better manage your time, work schedule. If necessary, do some meditation and clear yourself from thoughts and preoccupations.


Sleep regularly at least 7 to 8 hours each day. Your appetite will be negatively affected and body fat will increase if you deprive yourself from adequate hours of sleep. Get more sleep. Studies have shown that lack of sleep can wreak havoc on and. You will also feel yourself well rested. Before sleeping, you should turn off all electronic devices (like phones, tablets or computers) at least two hours before bed.

Less amount of sleeping increases Ghrelin hormone that causes food cravings. Then you try to eat more and more. Your lower belly fat will increase when you eat more though your body doesn’t need that amount of food. Sleeping cycles are also important. The more sleeping cycles the better for you.


Alcohol that is found in different drinks and beverages are responsible for adding more calories in your body. Your body has to work more to remove the toxins that are accumulated from your consumption of alcohols. Lower your drinking amount and if possible avoid it for life.

Support Group

Sometimes it is very much helpful to find a partner who is like you and trying to lose lower belly fat. Both of you in that case can share exercise sessions, remind each other exercise appointments. Both of you will also stay motivate each other in your efforts to reduce belly fat in this way. Working together or in a group helps a lot in keeping the group members strongly motivated to fight belly fat.

Monitoring And Measuring

Monitor your daily efforts to reduce lower belly fat and keep track of your progress. You can also use a calorie calculator/diary. You can keep track of foods that you eat for diet control. You can also check the calorie content of different foods. Identify any issue that is not going right. Look for alternative. Check over-eating. Periodically re-measure your waist. Write down how much weight you’ve lost and what is the shape change of your waist. You continuously monitor and measure your daily efforts.

Stay Motivated

Most importantly, you’ve to stay motivated at your efforts. Your motivation combined with your monitoring and measuring of your progress will bring you the ultimate result and take you to your goal of having a fat free lower belly.

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