Why fat builds!

Fat building process is definitely signifies a complex biochemical process inside the body. It’s a slow and continuous process which can result in massive increase in total amount of fat after certain period of time. You can’t determine the process while it taking place, but after the time being you may observe it around the body.

Fat is a part of the human body. Everybody has a particular percentage of fat in according to the body mass. But if it is increased at a significant rate then it may affect vigorously.  There are so many diseases happen due to the excessive percentage of body fat.

Besides increasing the probability of diseases it is also a good reason for losing the shape of body. Many of us strive to get rid of it. But there is no shortcut or easier way out from this problem. You have to make a sustainable plan and to do a series of workout for reducing the fat from body.

I know everybody has a common question that ‘what are the things responsible for building fat in body’? It cannot be answered in few words.

Multiple reasons are responsible to build fat. Among those reasons here I have written down about six some major facts that can boost up the fat building process.

1. Metabolism

Metabolism is the most important factor in fat building process. If I write down details about the importance of metabolism on fat building process then it would be long essay. Metabolism is the key to keep the body in shape and reduce fat.

It is scientifically proved that metabolism slows down as a result of aging. Therefore, fat building grows up as you are aging gradually.

On the other hand, metabolism also slows down if someone tends to consume food taking long interval. In that regard health specialist recommends frequent smaller meal throughout the day instead of 2-3 bigger meals.

2. Food Habit

Food is one of the major factors which can accelerate the fat gaining process. If someone consumes the amount of food producing more calories than needed, this will certainly help to store the excessive calories as body fat.

Fat rich foods are also dangerous in regard of gaining fat. In some cases unsaturated fats are not so bad like the saturated fat.

But, one thing needs to be clear that fat is fat. It will definitely produce twice as more calories from carbohydrate or protein.

3. Sugar Intake

Sugar is a fast carbohydrate. Excessive sugar intake is very dangerous for human body. It can produce calories faster than any other foods. For the metabolism of this excessive calorie body has take help of the insulin hormone.

Sometimes if the amount of calories is far enough to metabolize, then the body tends to store this excessive calories as fat.

4. Eating late at night

We already know from the previous discussion that our body burns very little amount of calories when we sleep at night.

So if you are accustomed to dine late at night and sleep after awhile of eating, then it will definitely increase your body fat gradually.

To prevent this fat building you need to eat smaller meals at night.

More necessarily you should make a habit to eat earlier at night. Consider an ideal time for eating dinner every night what can help you to keep awake about 3-4 hrs after consumption of foods.

5. Eating while mentally stressed

Health scientist recommends that if you are in a state of mental stress and emotionally broken then you shouldn’t eat your meal at that time. Rather figure out a time when you are in jolly mind. Jolly mind can accelerate your metabolism.

It is found from different studies that if someone eats in absent of mind, then it will help to store the food’s calorie as fat.

6. Short of Sleep

It is standard to sleep 7-8 hrs hours at night. But sometimes due to work pressure or habitual reason you may fail to get through this standard duration of time. This may result in increasing the level of Cortisol (stress hormone).

Cortisol can boost up the appetite for sugary foods. And the sugary food will pave the way to increase the body fat at a significant rate.

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