Which Type of Fat is Dangerous and Why

There are 2 separate kinds of fat in our body. One kind of fat is visible and it is known as subcutaneous fat. This fat is stored under the skin, in belly, arms, thighs or any other places of your body. The other kind of fat i.e. the visceral fat cannot be identified from outside. This fat is located around the internal organs in the abdominal region of the body around liver, pancreas and intestines. This kind of fat is common in a sense that every human body has some amount of visceral fat. But whenever the amount reaches to a dangerous level it creates a number of adverse health conditions. This fat acts like a hidden killer.

Therefore, visceral fat is a dangerous type of fat. This fat can affect the way your body operates and it can influence the actions of a number of body hormones. Several factors contribute in the development and increase of visceral fat in your body. When you gain weight in the middle portion of your body, it indicates visceral fat. Keeping processed foods in your diet is one of the major reasons to develop visceral fat in the body. Processed foods contain added sugars, artificial flavor, and preservatives. Low nutrient diet that is dense in quantity is also responsible for developing visceral fat. If you consume alcohol and similar beverages or if you are on multiple medications this fat will grow inside your body as side effect. Besides, lack of adequate physical activities and not doing exercise will cause visceral fat to develop. Presence of increased amount of stress hormone in the body, and lack of enough sleep are some of the other causes of developing visceral fat.


Dangers to Health Functioning

Your Heart

There is serious negative impact of visceral fat on your heart health. Inflammatory Cytokines generated by visceral fat are major contributors to heart disease and related inflammatory disorders. In case of body inflammation, the liver becomes overwhelmed with toxins and cholesterol. This situation can lead to build-up of plaques in the arteries. Moreover, visceral fat is linked with increased risk for cardiovascular disease indicators. These are high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high triglycerides.

Your Insulin Level

As said, this fat influences body hormones. Visceral fat is particularly known for its active role as an insulin resistor. This is undoubtedly the prime cause of developing diabetes. Abdominal fat is a great risk for building up diabetes inside the body.

Female Breast Health

Women with large amount of visceral fat are often diagnosed with breast cancer. Several large studies suggest that people with large amount of visceral fat have a higher risk of breast cancer. The condition is more serious for premenopausal women with a heavy abdominal fat.

Colorectal Health

Obesity and Cancer are interlinked. Obese people have excess visceral fat that triggers the body metabolism responsible for causing cancers such as the Colorectal Cancer (CRC). There is a tissue called Visceral Adipose Tissue that exists in large amount inside the abdominal area. This tissue demonstrates higher level of hormonal and metabolic activities. This tissue is responsible for the secretion of growth factors, Adipokines, Proinflammatory Cytokines. These are considered contributory factors associated with obesity-related tumors or Cancer tumors.

Alzheimer's Disease

It has been found that visceral fat contributes to the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Too much internal fat around organs like heart, liver and pancreas leads to dementia. This is especially true for middle-aged people who have the tendency to develop fat around their belly inside out.

Body Inflammation

This fat can create inflammatory markers that circulate in human blood stream. This situation, if not addressed, can cause Cancer.

Hormonal Irregularities

The visceral fat can cause serious hormonal irregularities. These include high-level Insulin production, inadequate amount of testosterone production in men and women as well as Leptin hormone resistance.

Abdominal Discomfort

The visceral fat is the root cause in many cases for unexplained pain or discomfort among fatty people’s abdominal area.


Therefore, visceral fat is a dangerous type of fat. If not taken care of, this fat can kill you slowly and trouble you with adverse health effects.

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