What is a Good Visceral Fat Rating?

Visceral Fat Rating provides you with the amount of fat present inside your body and also rating that amount with ‘healthy’ or ‘excess’ category. This is important in the sense that, though weight and body fat might remain constant, still your visceral fat level could be in a dangerous level that can cause your health to fall in an adverse condition. Knowledge of your visceral fat can help you get a clear idea about what is going on deep inside your body. Because when you get older, fat distribution in your body does not remain at the same level. Rather, it changes continuously.

Therefore, a good/healthy visceral fat rating essentially indicates that an individual has a healthy amount of visceral fat according to his physical state and therefore out of risks. Now before discussing about good visceral fat rating in more detail, let’s look into the measuring and rating procedures and standards of visceral fat at present.


Rating and Measuring Visceral Fat

Methods that are available for monitoring visceral fat are not that many. Below are some of the recognized methods practiced around the world for measuring and rating visceral fats in your body.


This method is considered as very accurate. This method uses Plethysmograph (this is an apparatus to measureany changes in volume inside an organ of your body or your whole body). Through the processes, the measurements are taken using the volume of air that is displaced by the organ or the whole body. These measurements are then used to calculate fat percentage. This method involvesyou sitting in a chair insidea ‘pod’ while at the same time monitoring takes place.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging or, MRI scanning is relatively an expensive method but can provide with conclusive decision to identify visceral fat amount. MRI scanning is performed all over the world for various clinical purposes and disease treatments. During any kind of surgical procedure MRI scanning provides with crucial information about inside condition of the body that includes visceral fat.

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)

This method is regarded as an accurate one. From clinical/medical diagnostic point of view, the method is considered an efficient and reliable measuring system for rating human body composition. Through this method, visceral fat amount is identified and measured without any medical intervention.

This is basically an analysis method based on bio-electrical impedance. Developed by Tanita Institute of Japan, the system uses equipments developed to support the method. The body composition analyzer used in this system provides statistical information by calculating the BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). Also known as RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate), the BMR uses standard equation taking into account an individual’s height, weight, gender and age.

The body composition analyzer used in BIA system provides a rating of visceral fat starting from 1 up to 59. The age range used in this system starts at 18 years and ends at 99 years.

Rating from 1 to 12    

Rating within this range indicates that an individual has a healthy level of visceral fat. In that case, he has to continue monitoring this rating and ensure that the rate of visceral fat within his body always stays within that healthy range.

Rating from 13 – 59   

If the rating falls within this range then it indicates that an individual has an excess level of visceral fat. In his condition, he has to consider making changes in his lifestyle. Planed diet and changes in diet as well as increasing exercise pattern can help an individual turn his level of visceral fat from excess to healthy level.


Good Visceral Fat Rating

As discussed already that when a person gets older, fat distribution in his body does not remain at the same level. The fat distribution changes continuously, as he grows older. Therefore, a good/healthy visceral fat rating essentially indicates that the individual under discussion has a healthy amount of visceral fat and therefore out of risks. As the age progresses the fat distribution in the body shifts towards the trunk area. This is especially true in case of post-menopausal women.

Without expensive equipment, visceral fat is not easy to measure accurately. Many systems and equipments that use different bioelectrical methods often fail to measure the visceral fat properly. But systems like Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) can provide correct readings in this case. A good visceral fat rating system takes into account a person’s central obesity condition. Other factors such as physical activity levels, family history, dieting habit and blood lipid level are also taken under consideration in this kind of system. Therefore, a good visceral fat rating can keep an individual in an alerted state and at the same time help him get rid of high levels of visceral fat that can cause different cardiovascular and other diseases. This is why it is essential to have good visceral fat rating.

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