What Do You Mean By Visceral Fat

Located deep inside the abdominal cavity, the visceral fat is stored around your body’s internal organs such as liver, pancreas, and intestine. This fat is different from the one that exists just under the body skin, in arms and legs. It is the most noticeable fat in a person’s body and it is a dangerous type of fat as well. This fat can affect the way your body operates and it can influence the actions of a number of body hormones.

How Visceral Fat Develops

There are several factors that contribute in the development and increase of visceral fat in your body. The major factors include:

  • When you gain weight in the middle portion of your body.
  • Intake of processed foods containing added sugars, artificial flavor, and preservatives.
  • Eating a diet that is low in nutrient but dense in quantity i.e. full of empty calories.
  • Consumption of alcohol and similar beverages.
  • Being on multiple medications that helps to grow this fat as side effect.
  • Lack of adequate physical activities and not doing exercise often.
  • Presence of increased amount of Cortisol hormone in the body due to stress.
  • Lack of enough sleep.

Health Risks of Visceral Fat

Existence of a certain amount of visceral fat is common in human bodies. But whenever the amount reaches to a dangerous level it creates a number of adverse health conditions.

In most cases, people who are suffering from Obesity get affected with these diseases very easily. This fat acts like a hidden killer. Even there can be people or patient that look slim and healthy from outside but in reality suffering from visceral fat inside. High cholesterol, inflammation, or diabetes caused by visceral fats lead to conditions like clogging of the arteries, long term heart disease, and very high blood pressure.

Some of the major health problems and diseases that occur due to visceral fat include:

  • Heart disease
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Breast cancer
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Alzheimer's disease

There are some other adverse effects and conditions that are related to the presence of visceral fat in the body. For example,

  • This fat can create inflammatory markers that circulate in human blood stream. This situation if not addressed can cause Cancer.
  • Visceral fat contributes to serious hormonal irregularities especially high insulin production, inadequate testosterone production in men and women as well as Leptin resistance.
  • Visceral fat is the root cause in many cases for unexplained pain or discomfort among fatty people’s abdominal area.

Symptoms of Visceral Fat

There are specific symptoms or observations that can indicate that visceral fat is there in excess. Based on these symptoms one can be sure of presence of excess visceral fat inside his body.

As the first step, measuring waistline can quickly provide with an idea that there may be excess fat in the body. Research shows that belly size reliably indicates visceral fat. Besides, diseases and adverse physical conditions, typically associated with visceral fat, can also indicate that visceral fat are deposited in the body in excess amount.


To lead a healthy life prevention and removal of visceral fats are very necessary. According to the Harvard University, diet and exercise are the main keys at reducing visceral fat. In general following actions are regarded as appropriate to reduce visceral fat in the body:

  • Habit of doing regular exercise
  • Always eating healthy and balanced diet
  • Having a good night's sleep
  • Avoiding stress and such situations
  • Avoiding habit of taking alcohol or smoking totally

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