Reason for Stomach Fat

Stomach fat is unwanted and unnecessary. It not only affects your physical outlook but also causes a number of problems. There is often a misconception that stomach fat is the result of excess calorie intake. In fact, this is not the whole case. There can be moments when you suddenly find that your stomach is swelling or getting bigger and this is happening without increase in calorie intake or amount of food you consume.

Apart from gaining fat and being pregnant in case of women, several other known issues can cause someone gain fat in stomach area. These include:

  • Retaining water weight
  • Bloating
  • Hormonal changes
  • Problem in digestive system
  • Movement
  • Stress
  • Sleep
  • Age etc.



Bloating causes expansion of stomach, as it is the excess gas or air in the digestive tract. Sometimes after eating foods, gas may form inside your body because of its sensitivity towards that food. There are a number of reasons of bloating:

  1. If you are lactose intolerant.
  2. Bloating causing foods include beans, whole grains, some fruits, some vegetables, or artificial sweeteners.
  3. Artificial sweeteners in packaged diet food foods.
  4. Eating too fast. This habit takes in air inside the body.
  5. Drinking beverages with straw. Even if you chew gums, it can cause bloating.


Water Weight

Sodium is an electrolyte and it can influence water movement in your body. If you take sodium in excessive amount through your food intake then it can contribute to make your stomach bigger in size. This happens especially to those people who have Sodium intolerance in their body.

These people are very much prone to situation like water retention. To combat this situation one can reduce the foods high in Sodium and increase the amount of food high in Potassium. Potatoes, tomatoes, seafood, yogurt, bananas, apricots, greens, legumes are rich in Potassium.


Changes in Hormone

Changes in hormone have great influence on body metabolism and fat storage.  In conditions like Menopause or Pregnancy, body hormones change. This sudden change leads to changes in stomach. Moreover, often PMS for women can influence how their stomach reacts.


Digestive Tract Problems

Problems in your digestive tract can cause stomach fat as well. These problems include:

  1. Bowel obstruction
  2. Irritable bowel syndrome
  3. Celiac disease
  4. In case of food intolerances, your stomach becomes distended
  5. Appendicitis is also responsible for stomach distension


Unhealthy Foods

Processed foods, sugar and carbohydrates can imbalance the blood sugar. If blood sugar increases it, also crease the Insulin hormone that converts any excess sugar in the blood into fat. If blood contains high insulin level then it means that your body is getting instructions to store fat in and around stomach. Therefore, you need to reduce these foods from your diet planning and return to diet plan that doesn’t include these foods. Eating fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and lean proteins will keep your insulin hormone level and blood sugar level in a steady state.



Sedentary lifestyle is a major cause of stomach fat. If you work most of the time by sitting then you will notice at some point that your stomach is getting bigger and bigger. Therefore, you have to be active in general. Try to engage in an active hobby whenever possible. These may be sport, swimming or hiking. Don’t spend all the leisure time sitting down or watching television programs.



During stressing period, your body produces stress hormone Cortisol. If you are stressed seriously, Cortisol hormone negatively affects you deep within your abdomen. Thus, most dangerous form of fats the visceral fat is created. Consider yoga, meditation and deep breathing to combat stress. There are other options as well.



Ghrelin and Leptin the two hunger hormones in our body are negatively affected due to lack of sleep. Increased amount of Ghrelin hormone makes you hungrier. On the other side the hormone, that signals fullness, i.e. Leptin decreases. Your body is then confused and you end up eating more to gain weight. Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night.



Age is an important factor in building stomach fat. Proportion of body fat to body weight increases as a person begins to approach his middle age. This is more prevalent in women compared to men. But this phenomenon causes extra fat in stomach area. As the aging process is uncontrollable, a healthy diet and planned exercise can help reduce stomach fat considerably.

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