Some Belly Fat Is Essential

Fat contains essential nutrients. A healthy body requires fat to maintain good body functioning. Dietary fats are sources of lots of energy that are used by your body to make tissue and manufacture biochemical such as hormone. But unnecessary fats in the body can cause a lot of health problems as well. Belly fat is a very common problem for people around the world. There are lots of diet plans around to combat this problem. But you will be surprised to know that there is some belly fat which is essential for cushioning your internal organs.

Basically there are three main functions of fat in the body. In short, fat:

  1. Provides energy
  2. Absorbs certain nutrients
  3. Maintains core body temperature

Fats and related compounds such as cholesterol are chemically known as lipids. Moreover, liquid fats are called oils and solid fats are simply called fat.

There are some fat that are known as Visible Fat. Normally these fats are covered by your skin. But you can see the fat in the adipose or fatty tissue in female breasts, hips, thighs, buttocks, and belly or male abdomen and shoulders. These visible body fats provide a source of stored energy, give shape to your body, cushions your skin and acts as an insulation blanket that reduces heat loss.

The other type of fat is known as Invisible Fat. These fats are tucked away in and around your internal organs. These fats are therefore hidden. These fats are part of every cell membrane (the outer skin that holds each cell together), a constituent of hormones and other biochemical (such as vitamin D and bile), a component of myelin (the fatty material that sheathes nerve cells and makes it possible for them to fire the electrical messages that enable a person to think, see, speak, move, and perform the multitude of tasks natural to a living body), a shock absorber that protects your organs (as much as possible) if you are injured. This is the type of fat that we are going to discuss in this article.

Fats Around Internal Organs

Invisible fats form a protective cushion for your organs. Internal organs especially the kidneys, heart, and intestines are cushioned by fat that helps protect them from injury and hold them in place. All of these are vital internal organs. It is important to note that this protective fat is the last source to be used up when the body’s energy reserves are being tapped into.

Fats around internal organs can be classified in following ways according to their locations and contributions. These are:

  • Visceral Fat
  • Subcutaneous Fat
  • Intramuscular Fat
  • Brown Fat


Visceral Fat

This fat is a white fat that develops and resides around your internal organs. Some visceral fat is necessary to protect the organs from jarring motions. But unnecessary amount of this fat can harm your organs. Too much fat of this kind can put you at higher risk for diabetes, cardiovascular problems and mental disorders.

Subcutaneous Fat

The word ‘subcutaneous’ means it is ‘under the skin’. This is the place where this type of fat is found. This is also a white fat and its main function is to provide a layer of insulation to keep your body warm. Whales and other marine mammals have a thick layer of subcutaneous fat to withstand cold ocean temperatures. In the woman’s body, this type of fat is stored in places like hips, thighs and buttocks. In case of man’s body, these fats are stored around body’s mid-section.

Intramuscular Fat

These are white fats that run through the muscle. These fats serve as a fuel source for the body and provide some protection to the muscles.

Brown Fat

This type of fat differs in structure from white fat. White fat has little vascularization (excessive formation of blood vessels) and on the other hand, brown fat is filled with blood vessels. These fats contain energy-providing mitochondria. This allows this type of fat to produce heat, especially in hibernating animals. This brown fat is found throughout the body. It is worth mentioning that people living in colder climates have relatively more active brown fat than those living in warmer climates. Researchers have observed that brown fat has excellent potential to help people lose weight.

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