Healthiest Weight Loss Diet

There are different weight loss diets but not all of them can be regarded as healthy. By healthy, we mean those diets that addresses below 3 key factors in any weight loss plan.

The key factors are:

  • Improving body metabolism.
  • Significant reduction of appetite.
  • Quick way to lose weight without having too much discomfort with hunger.

From this point of view, most of the weight loss diets are unhealthy in a sense that they keep you hungry and unsatisfied all the time. For a weight loss diet to become healthy it has to address the above 3 key factors. Now, the following issues have to be taken under considerations to address these key factors.


Sugar and Starch

Sugar and starch based foods are responsible for the secretion of more Insulin hormone in the body. This hormone is called the fat storage hormone. When Insulin level decreases it causes the fat store to be broken and released easily in your body. The body then starts to burn fats instead of carbohydrates. Another positive aspect of Insulin hormone decrease is that it influences the kidney to shred extra Sodium and water from the body. As a result, you get rid of water weight and bloating at the same time. Therefore reducing or removing sugar and starch based foods from the diet help to reduce appetite, decrease Insulin level and in the process reduce body weight.


Protein, Fat and Vegetables

Your meal has to be a mixture of protein, fat, and vegetables (low carbohydrates). High protein diets reduce desire for unnecessary food intakes such as late-night snacks and rather make you full. Protein is considered the best nutrient in case of losing weight. In addition, the target here is to keep the carbohydrate intake into a recommended range (20-50 grams each day).

Moreover, if you want to get all the fibers, vitamins and minerals you need to mix protein and vegetables in your diets. This practice will keep you healthy. You can eat any number of times during day but keep the diet within recommended level. Also it is ok to eat fat. You can take natural fats as well as those good unsaturated fats. Therefore you have to assemble your meal by mixing protein source, fat source as well as carbohydrate based vegetables.


Exercise (With Weights)

In a healthy weight loss diet, exercising is recommended. You can go to the gym 3-4 times a week. You can engage yourself in doing warm ups, lifting weights, and stretching. You can burn some calories and also prevent your body’s metabolism from getting slowing down by lifting weights.

As alternative, you can do some easier cardiovascular workouts. These include running, walking, jogging, or swimming. Resistance trainings like weight lifting are regarded as best. Cardiovascular workouts can be second choice.


Good Fat

Unsaturated fats found in different vegetables can improve the overall quality of your diet. Processed meats, packaged meals, snack foods, and takeout foods contain saturated fat, which should be avoided in order to make diet healthy. Your overall intake should be not more than 10 percent of the daily calories you require. This is a recommended limit by most health organizations.

Avoidance of trans-fats is necessary. These fats are typically found in most commercially baked goods, packaged snacks, fried and takeout food. 


Emotion Control

During stressed periods, choose a healthier diet. Doing yoga or meditation, or having a hot bath can help you relaxed as well. In case of feeling low on energy, you need to find a way to overcome eating more than what is necessary. You can walk nearby areas, take a short nap or listen to soothing or energizing music. And in case of feeling lonely or bored, engage with other people such as friends and relatives. Alternatively, you may go to a library, shopping mall. Just don’t engage yourself in eating.



Motivation is perhaps the most important part in the healthiest weight loss diet planning. If you have good motivation in your effort to shred extra weight and fat from your body then you will achieve the expected results. Required changes in lifestyle and food choices are necessary to achieve healthy changes in body weight. Consider the followings:

  • Keep yourself cheer up. Social engagement and support are very important. Family, friends, or support group are your assets.
  • You have to slow and steady in your weight loss approach. Losing weight very quickly is not always a good idea. This cannot suite everyone.
  • Set short-term goals, long-term-goals separately.
  • Monitor your progress all the time.
  • Sleep plenty. Quality sleeping for 7 to 8 hours is very necessary for a healthy body and mind.

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