Fad Diet to Lose Weight Quickly

Fad Diet

Fat or crash diet is the one that promises rapid weight loss through what is typically   unhealthy and unbalanced diet. Fad diet attracts people who wants to lose weight fast without doing exercise. It is claimed that fad diet helps lose fat but in reality, it may be loss of water weight or muscle rather than fat. Even though some fat diet may work, some of the fad diets are boring and difficult to follow in the end. Some of the fad diets can also be harmful for health.

Recognizing Fad Diet

Following questions can help recognize fad diet.

  • Does the diet assures weight loss too quick?
  • Does what the diet claims sound too good to be true?
  • Is the diet associated with sale of products of any company?
  • Is there lack of valid scientific research for the diet and it’s claim?
  • Does the diet base it’s claim on before or after photos?
  • Does the diet provide list of bad or good foods?

In case, answer to any of the questions is yes, the diet is likely to be a fad diet.


Examples Fad Diets

  • High Protein Diets

These type of diets recommends consumption of large quantities of protein such as meat, egg etc to lose weight and build muscle. This type of diet can be injurious to health. Excessive consumption of protein on regular basis can have negative effects on kidney and liver.  Quicker weight loss with these diets happens usually because of water loss rather than fat loss. Diets that are too rich in protein may lack beneficial nutrients and can add excess calories and fat intake.

  • Liquid Diets

Liquid diets lack or remove   substances such as phytochemicals that can help protect against disease. Effect of liquid diet may not last long. Once a person is back to his or her regular diet, weigh regain can happen.

  • Grapefruit Diet

The diet recommends mainly grapefruit to lose weight. Diet based on solely one food is too restrictive. This type of diet lacks   vitamins, minerals and is too low in calories.

  • Juice or Broth Fasts

This diet recommends only juice or broth for some time. Fasting or not eating solid food for too long can cause fatigue and dizziness. Metabolism also slows down in reaction and burns fewer calories.

  • Food-Combining Diets

These types of diets suggest that certain combination of food can help burn calories faster, which however does not get validated by scientific evidence. These diets can be low in protein and vital nutrients. Some may even cause diarrhea.

  • Crazy for Cabbage

This cabbage-based diet reduces mostly water weight. Ones a person quits the diet, weight regain can happen. This diet may also cause light-headedness and gastrointestinal problems.


Possible Problems with Fad Diets

  • Poor Long-term Weight Control

Fad diets usually promise quick fix rather than long-run healthy eating plans. Some fad diets can be too boring, restrictive and hard to follow over long term. Once dieter loses weight and gets back to previous eating pattern or habits, weight regain can happen.

  • Increased Risk of Chronic Disease

Some fad diets may eliminate or restrict vegetables, fruits, whole grains and dairy products, which contain nutrients that can help, prevent many chronic diseases. Diets that are too rich in protein may cause increase in calcium loss and osteoporosis.

  • Reduced Athletic Performance

Diets that restrict carbohydrates too much cause reduction of body energy supplies. Low carbohydrate diets may cause electrolytes and loss of fluid. Diets that are too low in carbohydrates can cause low blood pressure, which leads to decreased performance.

  • Kidney Stones and Gout

Diets that are too rich in protein and too low in carbohydrates can be responsible for gout and kidney stone formation.

  • Ketosis

Ketosis is an unnatural condition of body. Very low carbohydrate diet can get body into ketosis. Ketosis usually happens because of starvation, but it can also occur due to inadequate consumption of carbohydrates.


Given the harmful effects, it is important to recognize and avoid fad diet. Looking for scientific evidence in support of diet is a good way to find distinction between fad diet and a diet backed by scientific research. Consulting a doctor or dietitian is also very helpful.

There are reputed organizations that issue dietary guidelines for people to follow. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and U.S. Department of Agriculture jointly produce Dietary Guideline for Americans, which is highly reliable. Slow, steady and long run approach for weight loss is healthier and more lasting than quicker   weight loss by fad diet.

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