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Healthy diet is not something about strict food limitations or staying unrealistically thin. Rather, it’s aboutfeeling healthy from inside-out both and improving your outlook. People of all ages want to keep a healthy weight to have good looking body. A healthy diet can save you from obesity and help you to regain your health.

If you already possess a healthy body then it will be easier for you to maintain. Many people think that, working out for hours in the gym is the best way to lose weight.But, if you have a high calorie food after working out, then your entire struggle will go in vain.

What is a healthy Diet?

When we think about a healthy diet, balance is the main key.It means choosing a wide range of foods and drinks in the right proportions to achieve a fit and healthy body.Healthy or balanced diet is something that gives your body the elements of nutrients it needs to work properly without storing extra fat.It is important because without good nutrition your body is more vulnerable to diseases. Moreover, a healthy diet will help you to feel your best.

Some crucial factors to consider:

If you are making a diet plan for you, then you need to consider some factors. You need to consider your gender, age, metabolic rate and health condition and activity before making a diet plan. Every person’s body is different and every person has different energy requirements. So if you find out your Body Mass Index (BMI), then it will be easier for you to determine the required weight loss. Knowing the metabolic rate will help you to choose food items that increase the metabolic rate of your body.

Because of healthy diet you can achieve these goals:

  • Lose extra weight
  • Blood pressure will go down
  • Feel good
  • Look good
  • More energy
  • Strong immune system
  • Ability to reverse weakness

Here are some food plans which are packed with nutrients and are considered great at defending diseases. You might have included some of these into your plan!

Eat brown rice more than white rice: Most of us take white rice as our staple food which is rich in carbohydrate. But brown rice has more nutritional value than white rice. It is also lower in glycemic index. It’s enough fiber makes our stomach feel fuller, even if we eat less in quantity.

Enjoy colorful fruits and vegetables:Fruits and vegetables are low in calories but are full with vitamins and fiber. You need to eat at least five fruits a day and that will practically fill you up. Vegetables like lettuce,kale, mustard and broccoli are packed with calcium,iron,potassium and vitamins. Besides, some sweet vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, yams and squash will add healthy sweetness to your daily meals.

Put more protein in your meals:As protein gives us the energy, you need to divide your protein intake equally among your meals. Try to eat plenty of fish or plant-based protein like beans, lentils and nuts.You need to replace processed carbohydrate from pizza, cookies and chips with beans, seeds, peas, lentils and nuts.

Go lean with protein: You should go lean with protein to avoid saturated fat and cholesterol that can have negative health implications. This means you want to include a variety of protein choice by adding lean meats,poultry,sea foods, nuts and seeds as well as beans to your healthy diet plan.

Reduce sugar: Perhaps the biggest problem with the modern diet is the amount of added sugar in our food. These are the fast carbs, which can trigger the insulin exudation. You need to reduce the sugar in yourdiet. Try to avoid sugary drinks as much as you can.Try to avoid processed or packaged foods like canned soups, frozen dinners or low-fat meals because those often contain hidden sugar.

Grains: Another important food group is grains. Grains come in many forms when some are refined to a point where many of their nutrients have been removed. Because of this, we would recommend that you make half your grains whole. Whole grains contain the entire seed of the plant which include the bran, the germ and the endosperm. When a grain is refined in the factory, the bran and germ are removed along with many other nutrients.

Dairy:We would also recommend adding the dairy food group to your healthy diet plan. So remember to drink your dairy but make it low fat or no fat.

So, choosing food that are low in saturated fat, cholesterol, salt and added sugar provide your body with the nutrients needed for your healthy diet plan. For example, foods found in protein group give your diet a zip by providing zinc, iron and protein along with vitamin B.

Vegetables, fruits and whole grains increase your intake of fiber, vitamins, folic acid and potassium. Adding low fat dairy food also increases potassium intake. Well, at the same time providing calcium and vitamin D.

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