Foods to Avoid While Dieting

Eaten foods have the most influence on body weight and fat. There are some foods that will cause you gain weight and there are some other foods that will cause you lose weight. So, if you are in the process of shredding weight from your body then you need to think about your food intake. Particularly you have to build a habit of avoiding some types of foods that will not help you in your effort to become slim.


Added Sugar in Foods

One of the worst elements among food ingredients is the added sugar. This element is responsible for a number of serious health diseases, if not avoided. Added sugar based foods are full of calories that will eventually get stored in the body as fat. These foods are also not filling. Rather they will generate the feeling of more hunger. Some of the common sugary foods include breakfast cereals, low fat and flavored yogurt. There is another problem here. Sometimes the manufacturers add up lots of sugar in the foods just for flavor.


As alternative, you should select only those foods that are free from added sugar. You can check the food labels before purchasing. The food labels can clearly inform you if a food contains added sugar or not. Select those alternative foods that are free from added sugar.


High Carbohydrates

In our daily life, we eat various foods that are rich in carbohydrates. These carbohydrates are first converted to sugars by our body and then released in to our blood stream. Then at the same time produces extra amount of Insulin hormone to help the body absorb these extra amount of sugars from carbohydrate intake. Then after a while, the body becomes low in sugar once again and signal you for eating more sugar based foods for energy. This is a vicious cycle. This cycle of process, just add up more weight in your body. Some of the common foods high in carbohydrates include crackers, rice cakes, dry cereal, and bread.


Alternatively, you can prefer snacks food that combines carbohydrates, healthy fats, and protein. This kind of foods takes longer period to be digested. You will get the feeling of fullness for a longer period.


Frozen Foods

Frozen foods are often mixed with Sodium for preservation purpose. This is done by the manufacturers to keep the foods fresh for a longer period. But extra Sodium in foods can be responsible for bloating and do not help you lose weight from the extra water inside your body. Moreover, frozen foods are often squeezed in a small container. Therefore, the portion is very small though it contains the necessary food values. But to the consumer it is not satisfying. Rather it generates crave for more foods and thus more calorie intake. The result is more weight.


Instead of purchasing packaged frozen foods, you can stock your refrigerator with vegetables and protein based foods such as chicken breast. These foods when out of freezer can be cooked well easily and can be very much satisfying for you.


Balancing High Fiber Foods

To stave off hunger, improving your digestive health, or not causing any stomach upset the fiber intake needs to be consistent throughout the day. Do not eat all the recommended daily amount of fiber in just 1 food. Snack bar type of foods thus needs to be avoided while you are dieting.


Select natural sources of fiber based foods. These include fresh vegetables and fruits. Eat them throughout the day. 


Foods Low in Fat

Sometimes people tend to have foods in larger quantities when they are told that these foods are low in fat. But be vigilant because food manufacturers add extra sugars to foods in the process of making them low in fat.


Eat healthy fats. Choose Guacamole (rich in monounsaturated fats) or may be Hummus (prepared with olive oil, a healthy fat). Avoid so-called fat-free foods.


Fruit Juice and Sweet Drinks

Fruit juice contains Fructose, a natural fruit sugar. This sugar is responsible to make fruit and fruit juice sweet to taste. This also helps to gain more weight. Moreover developing insulin resistance and negative impact on diabetes disease are other issues that are related to fruit juice. In the same way, artificial sweet drinks have to be avoided, as all of them are prepared out of diet soda or other forms of sweetener.


Water, unsweetened tea or coffee is regarded as better alternatives in this case.



Alcohol based foods and drinks do not provide nutrients. Rather these foods and drinks pushes you to overeat and do not help your weight loss efforts by any means. The toxicity of alcohol harms your body seriously.


As alternative, you can drink clean water, unsweetened tea or coffee.

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