Lower your Cortisol Level

Excess of amount of stress hormone or cortisol has negative effects on health. Cortisol levels has negative correlation with testosterone levels. Increase in cortisol levels can lead to decrease in testosterone levels. Lower than average levels of testosterone can be harmful to health in both men and women. As surplus amount of cortisol has various adverse effects on health, it is important to try to reduce cortisol level. Following are the ways that can help reduce cortisol levels.

Avoiding Endurance Training

Working out is great to enhance testosterone level which lowers cortisol levels. However, endurance training can cause cortisol levels to go up. A study involving ultra-marathoners found that, there was thirty percent increase in cortisol levels after competition.

Avoiding Over Training

Lifting weights is good exercise. It is good for testosterone levels. However, there is a certain amount of weight training, beyond which the exercise can reduce testosterone and increase cortisol. It is important to know the threshold and limit weight lifting accordingly. It can help keep cortisol level low.

Avoiding Overconsumption of Caffeine

Overconsumption of coffee can cause increase in cortisol. To keep cortisol level low, it is useful to avoid overconsumption of coffee.

Watching comedies

A study tested cortisol levels of two groups in relation to watching comedies. This study was conducted by Loma Linda University School of Medicine. One group as part of study watched a comedy movie that lasted 60 minutes. The other group did not watch any movie. The group that watched a comedy movie had their cortisol level reduced significantly.

Supplement Vitamin C

Vitamin C is highly reputed in its ability to lower cortisol levels. Different studies found out that vitamin C can help reduce cortisol levels in both rodents and humans. A study found that supplement of vitamin C can blunt the stress-stimulated cortisol spike before public speaking.

Adequate Sleep

Sleeping enough can help lower cortisol level. Lack of adequate sleep can increase cortisol level. We should try to have enough sleep to keep cortisol level low. Being able to wake up naturally without an alarm is an indicator of having enough sleep.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea is a herb that is considered to be natural medicine due to its magical properties. Researchers studied effects of rhodiola roseain. They found out that it could boost cognition, physical performance and help lower cortisol levels.

Chill Out

One of the best ways to reduce cortisol level is relaxation. Spiritual experience can be helpful to relax.

Standing Tall

Body language can significantly affect hormone levels. A very famous Harvard study found out that just two minutes of standing tall confidently could lower cortisol levels by 25% and raise testosterone levels by 20%.

Drink Black Tea

Drinking black tea can help lower cortisol level. The University College London conducted a study involving subjects drinking black tea after completion of stressful tasks. The study found out the cortisol level went down by 47% for black tea drinkers and 27% for non-black tea drinkers.

Going to Religious Institution

Going to religious institution or getting spiritual experience can be helpful. Researchers from University of Missisippi found out that participating in spiritual practices could reduce release of cortisol by 25%.

Chew Some Gum

Chewing gum is an easy way to lower cortisol levels. After having moderate stress, chewing gum can help lower cortisol by 12-19%, as found out in a study by Northumbria University in the UK. Chewing gum can enhance neural activity and blood flow. It is however a good idea to find a healthier brand.

Staying Social

Social connectivity can help lower cortisol levels. Social isolation and aggression cause cortisol levels to rise, as found out in rodent studies. A study involving mice found out that due to social isolation, cortisol spikes could cause serious mental illness.

Drinking enough water

Drinking enough water is beneficial for many reasons. Hydration level is associated with testosterone to cortisol ratio. Cortisol levels can be noticeably lower in male runners, when they are properly hydrated, as found out in a study. The same study found out that exercise intensity could affect effects of hydration level on cortisol level.

Having Sex

People are usually enthusiastic in having sex, which is beneficial for health. Sexual intercourse involves bodily contact and physical activity, which have been found to raise testosterone levels and lower cortisol levels. Having sex can help reduce risks for stroke.

Getting a Dog

Playing with animals can help lower cortisol levels. It can also help increase endorphins, oxytocin other hormones that can enhance self-healing mechanism.

Eating Cortisol reducing Foods

There are foods that are particularly helpful in lowering cortisol level. Oysters, oats, olive oil, garlic, chamomile tea, dark chocolate and wild salmon can help reduce cortisol. A low-cortisol lifestyle is possible by adding these foods to diet.

Increasing Testosterone

Increasing testosterone levels is one of the most effective ways in lowering cortisol levels. When body produces healthy amount of testosterone, it does not produce much cortisol. Producing healthy amount of testosterone is possible through proper diet, training and favorable lifestyle choices. There are resources online that can help learn how to produce healthy levels of testosterone naturally.

Natural supplement such as Cortigon can also help lower cortisol level. Above-mentioned ways can help lower cortisol levels naturally. These are easy to follow ways to keep cortisol level low and live a healthier life.

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