Boosting Metabolism

There is a relation between belly fat, weight gain and slow body metabolism. Now a days, a lot of health conscious people recognize that. They often complain that despite going through regular exercises and cutting down calories from their food consumption, they are not shedding belly as expected. They expertly claim that the possible diagnosis of this problem is a slow metabolism.



To keep yourself alive you need your body organs to perform and function properly. Acts like breathing, digesting foods and repairing cells are the essential chemical processes that run inside your body in the background. These chemical processes are known together as body metabolism.

All of these chemical processes require lots of energy to be completed. And there is a minimum quantity of this very important required energy. This minimum energy is known as Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Normally this BMR consists of 40-70% of the total energy requirements of your body. In this way, your body’s low BMR actually indicates that you have a slow metabolism.


Belly Fat And Body Metabolism

It is not right to always held slow metabolism responsible for belly fat. Therefore, don’t think that all fatty people has slow body metabolism. In reality, fatty and overweight people have a higher body metabolism compared to thin, underweight or normal weight people. The reason is that big sized body requires large amount of energy. Depending on body size and capacity of consumption, there may be cases where different individuals have same quantity in expenditure of energy.

The key factor here is that you’ve to see how many calories you are actually burning compared to how many calories you are taking when you eat or drink. Consumption and burning of calories inside the body makes all the crucial difference in metabolism rates among different people.

As discussed in the beginning of this article your body size, your gender, age and genes are the players that actually determine your body’s metabolic rate. When you grow older you will be gaining more fat and losing more muscle. So your BMR will be decreasing as you grow older. Because muscles take higher number of energy to burn compared to fat.


With more muscles in their body, men have higher BMR than females. Moreover, men have more muscle mass, less body fat, heavier bones. Women have fewer amounts of these. So you can understand that men have more calorie allowance everyday than women.

Moreover, genes play vital role in muscle size and muscle growth. All these properties of muscle affect your body metabolism which in turn plays key role in your effort to control your belly fat and keep it at a reduced level.

Note that, putting a restriction on your calorie intake through diet control and crash diet programs are also some of the factors that reduce your BMR. In this way you are forcing your body muscle to break down and use more energy. Your body metabolism slows down as you lose your muscle mass. As a result you will find that your belly fat is growing once again as your metabolism has slowed down and you’ve lost your muscle mass.

Now also think about some medical conditions like diseases such as Cushing’s syndrome, underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism). These conditions can slow down your body metabolism as well.

Boosting Metabolism

Now, come on to the main point. How can you boost your metabolism? Read on. You can boost your body’s metabolism with certain foods and certain drinks. Energy drinks, green tea, black coffee and spices are some of the examples. But remember that responses of body to these foods are different among different individuals.

But through physical activity you can at least control your calorie burning but not the metabolism. To burn calories in increased number you’ve to increase your physical activity proportionally.

Based on the above facts, following calorie burning tactics can be followed by an individual to reduce belly fat and weight.

Aerobic Physical Activity

You can do aerobic exercise like walking, swimming, and cycling to burn your body’s calories most efficiently. You can do these activities per week. For example doing these activities for total of 150 minutes at least each week to have a change in your belly fat and weight.

Training On Strength

As you already know that muscle tissue is responsible to burn more calories than fat tissue. Therefore your focus should be to increase your muscle mass as much as possibl. This will help you to lose weight and your belly fat. There are different kinds of muscle-strengthening activities. Specially look for those activities that have impact on on the muscles of your legs, back, hips, shoulders, abdomen, chest, and arms. High intensity bouts of exercise, lifting weights etc. are good examples of muscle-strengthening activities that you should do on regular basis.

Physical Activeness

You have to as much active as possible. Your physical activeness and frequent movement will help you to keep your body in shape and maintain perfect belly fat.

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