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Walking is the most well known and recognized calorie burning exercise around the world. No matter either you are trying to achieve flat stomach, losing weight, keeping heart health or whatever else; Eventually You have to walk everyday for living a healthy and regular life.

Since I have been dealing with the overweight or bloated stomach person in this website. Therefore, my first suggestion is to start working with walk at the very initial level. Then you may switch to any other workout when you feel that you are fit for the other more calorie burning exercises.

Depending on the weight, speed and distance calorie burning varies by walking. Different studies show that distance is the most important factor while people walking for burning calories, whereas speed makes very little differences.

Walking is the simplest exercise to maintain your heart health and get fit as well. When you are not able to manage time for any other workouts, simply you may switch into this exercise while getting back from office or superstore.

Walking has diverse advantages. It may also help you to maintain your social life while you are doing exercise at the same time. As you can from a group of friends or sibling while performing walk on daily basis.

If you feel monotonous in walking you may bring some variations to it. For bringing variations you may incorporate couple of inclines in the route of walking. You can also find some extreme inclines in your route what will make your walk more like hiking. This will necessarily help you to burn the calories twice as normal walking.

I have seen so many people debate on Walking vs. Running. I am skipping that debate here in this section.Because it is contradictory in some extent. What I would like to suggest you to start whatever worth of beginning.

Another issue I would like bring is the speed of your walk. You should try to walk at a speed what may take you to the fat burning zone.Check my fat burning zone chart or fat burning zone calculator what will necessarily help you to calculate your burnt fats the same time.

Although different studies show that burning calories by walking varies as a result of weight, speed and distance, but roughly it is assumed that if a person weighs 70 kg,then he/she might be able to burn 70-80 calories for each kilometer.

Estimate the calories you burned walking:

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