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Without any hesitation or confusion swimming can be selected as an appropriate workout to burn calories. You would be happy to know that besides burning calories from your body, swimming has divers positive effects as well. It works simultaneously for muscular growth, cardiovascular health and respiratory fitness.

Therefore sometime health specialist may prescribe swimming as a regularworkout for those who has been suffering from joint pain and stress.

Swimming works as a jumpstart to trigger the metabolism process. So, while it has very small impact on the body it can help you to concentrate on calorie burning at the same time.

It is a cardiovascular type of exercise, which keeps the health of heart functionally smooth. Along with heart, the lung also become very active. The blood circulation gets some extra momentum and the working muscle get oxygen rich blood.

 Swimming makes you breath quickly so your respiratory function also become effective for the weight loss process. At the time of stress situation if you swim, you will get a fresh mind with reduced level of tension. Your mood will be cheerful. A low impact workout is why it never makes you feel burden. 

Along with your mentality, it helps to improve sleeping disorder. As your sleeping improves, you are the metabolism rate of the body increases. Ultimately, there is less chance to store fat and you lose some weight.

When you swim, there is no chance of sweating and dehydration does not take place. So you don’t lose any water from your body and you remain energetic for longer period.

In comparison to other workouts swimming is more preferable, as it is the key to move each and every part of the body.

There are some contributing factors, what may bring differences in calorie burning by swimming. The major factors are-

  1. Length of swimming
  2. Intensity of swimming
  3. Body weight

It is estimated that a person weighing 150 pounds will able to burn about 414 calories in return for performing 60 minutes of moderate intensity swimming.

The amount of burning calories also depend on the swimming style and stroke. Although backstroke burns the same amount of calorie as slower, free style burns. You can do your swimming as per you feel comfortable with. If you are swimming cold water then you can burn specific amount of calorie. On the other side when the pool water is warm, it will burn different amount of calories. So burning calories varies with the external environment.

Diet you are taking before swimming influence the amount of calorie burn. Taking some meal 30 minutes before swimming will energize you to burn more calories. Because the energy you consume will last over an hour. Especially if you consume carbohydrate then it refuel your body very quickly.

Swimming helps to improve you endurance level gradually. Improved endurance level is beneficial for some advance level of workout. Besides this, it improves flexibility of your body. It increases blood circulation level. As a result, extra amount of fat cannot be stored in the artery.

However, if you are heavier in body weight it necessarily mean that you will burn more calories from someone who belongs light weight.

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