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Soccer is one of the favorite and well known games around the world. It is recommended for different purposes. Along with the calorie burning soccer can be a perfect game for weight management and keep the body in shape. It is an easy key to the jump start of metabolism.

Typically soccer games are played for 90 minutes of duration. If you are not formal then duration may vary.

During the whole period of this game you need to run and make wide range of body movement. Therefore it is a perfect way to strengthen your body muscle besides calorie burning.

Contributing factors

There are significant numbers of factor in this game which may act as variables. These factors can make differences in the amount of calorie burning. Among those factors the major are-

  1. Type of soccer game (competitive, practice or noncompetitive)
  2. Position of playing (midfield, forward, goalkeeping etc)
  3. Duration
  4. Body weight etc.

However, from different studies it is estimated that a person has weight of 155 pounds can burn about 250-260 calories for playing 30 minutes of soccer game.

Benefits of soccer in weight loss

  • First, it is a cardiovascular exercise and helps to move all parts of the body. Therefore, involvement of all limbs will reduce fat from every parts of the body equally.
  • It builds muscles and drops out extra body fat. Improves your stamina and strength. At the same time, your bone become stronger.
  • It is combination of walking and running. Sometime you will be in quick movement and sometime in slow. Agility and quickness also helps to improve mental strength.
  • A recent study shows that soccer burns more calories than any other type of light exercise like jogging. It is not only fun game but also health improving.
  • It helps to improve your thinking ability. When you are running and decide what to do, it helps to develop your quick decision-making and mental strength.

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