Calories Burned Pilates

Pilate is one of the popular exercises among the people who are tending to reduce the weight of body. The most common types of pilates are lunges, squats, push-ups and crunches. Depending on the capability of performer the intensity of this exercise varies.

Some seems to believe that Pilate is only performed for the calorie burning and weight losing. But in reality it has diverse effects on human body. Even if someone is looking for the appropriate exercises to strengthen their muscles in arms and legs then it would be a perfect move to select. Without adding any bulk it can help your muscles to grow.

Here I have brought this topic to let you inform about the calorie burning by performing Pilate. There are no shortcut ways to specify the amount of calorie burned by Pilate performing for one hour or more.

A few common factors act as variable while counting the calories. These are like Height, weight and intensity of workouts.

However, it is said that an average 140 lbs person can burn about 200 calories by performing one hour moderate intensity Pilate.

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