Calories Burned Hiking

Hiking is a popular form of exercises which may result in calorie burning. There are so many Mountain clubs available out there who conduct their activities by forming different groups.

You may get into a group to perform hiking on regular basis. It can’t be performed upon one’s wishes though, because you have to make sure that your geographical location is having the characteristic of hilly land formation. Otherwise it is almost impossible to select hiking as way of calorie burning from the body.

However, if you are lucky and living in the hilly region, then you can definitely choose hiking as good form of calorie burning tools.

If someone can stick with this type of exercise then it will definitely lead the way to gain a flat stomach or lose weight within the short period of time.

Hiking is performed not only for shaping the physical appearances but also helps to strengthen different parts of the body, including the heart and lungs health.

How it works in weight loss

There is no doubt that it burns more calorie than walking and jogging. As you are to go to up the hill that it you need to go against the gravity. It will force you to put more effort than walking or running.

When you hike, your whole body goes through movement. Although legs and waist endures the most pressure. However, more or less all the part of the body have to perform in hiking so it burns fat from all part of the body.

If you are injured, do not want to go for running but want to drop some extra fat then it is easier to go to hike. In one side, you do not have to take any mental and physical pressure on the other side you can burn your desired amount of calorie.

If someone asks me how much calorie is burned by hiking? Then it would be a real tough question to answer accurately. Since there are number of factors make differences in the total amount of calories burnt from hiking. The common factors are-

  1. Terrain
  2. Distance
  3. Intensity
  4. Body weight
  5. Backpack weight
  6. Duration etc.

While hiking pack weight matters, it should be added with the body weight to calculate the amount of calories burnt from hiking.

Terrain is another important factor, which can make differences. The other three factors mentioned above are all the same what I have discussed in the previous articles related to calorie burning.

Although the amount of calories burnt form hiking differs for various factors, but it is estimated that in general a person weighing 160 pounds can burn around 430-440 calories roughly by hiking one hour.Which is very big amount indeed!

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