Calories Burned Gardening

Many of us have a hobby of gardening in leisure time. This hobby is a useful way to enhance the beauty of surrounding, whereas at the same time you may able to burn a good amount of calories from your body.

You may already aware that gardening incorporates with wide range of physical movements. These are likely Squatting, tackling, digging, lifting, moving one place to another and so forth.

The best thing about gardening is that regardless of time you may concentrate on working until it is finished. Sometime you may spend the whole afternoon on working without feeling any tiredness as you are working for mental pleasure as well.

Gardening has a great impact for improving endurance, flexibility and strength. Therefore health specialist sometime recommends gardening, as it is a perfect way to reduce coronary disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

Gardening can be compared with some other type of physical workouts. For example trimming trees can be roughly compared with walking moderately. Stacking wood and clearing brush which are considered as heavier work can be roughly equivalent to aerobic exercises. Digging and carrying soil one place to another is more likely to the weight lifting.

Contributing Factors

There are so many contributing factors what can make differences in the amount of calories burnt from gardening .These are-

  1. Digging
  2. Trimming
  3. Chopping wood
  4. Stacking wood
  5. Watering trees
  6. Spading
  7. Tilling
  8. Planting
  9. Weeding
  10. Clearing etc.

Although these factors make differences in amount of calories burnt from gardening. But, it is estimated that usually a person can burn more or less 300 calories by using spade and cultivating moderately.

How Many calories gardening burns

You may surprise thinking that if gardening can burn weight. Of course, it can rather; I would say exaggeratedly it is better than some other type of exercise. I am saying this because it makes you workout without giving you any mental pressure. In one side, you spend your leisure time on the other side some extra amount of weight drop off.

Some activity like shoveling and mowing in garden burns 400 calories per hour. This activity is similar to the jogging which also burn same amount of calorie. While you are gardening, it never makes you feels that you are doing so. In an entertaining way, you can enjoy your workout.

A certain period of time you should fix so that it become a habit for you. But the time should never exceeds 30 minutes. Otherwise, it will create physical pressure on you that probably may bring boredom. If it is done in the morning or in the evening then it is very helpful for your health and your mental condition.

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