Calories Burned Dancing

Dancing is considered as one of the popular form of aerobic exercises. In reality it is not just a good form of exercise rather it’s a universal form of art and culture. It also helps individuals to keep the body fit and toned.

Dancing can be performed to reduce the risk of coronary disease and maintaining sound lung health. Since it necessitates engaging different parts of the body and wide variety of movement. It can significantly contribute to make the muscle stronger.

In addition to the physical advantages sometimes it is recommended to keep the mental health sound and refreshing.

Dancing is a perfect way to keep your heart rates up. If you can gear it up to the fat burning zone then you would be able to burn a good amount of fat as well. That necessarily means that you will be able burn calories from your body.

Contributing Factors

You may probably aware that dancing is a good form of workout for burning calories and weight management. But calorie burning can differ for various contributing factors.

Major factors are-

  1. Type of dancing (Ballet, Salsa, Zumba, belly, Swing etc.)
  2. Intensity
  3. Body weight
  4. Duration

Hence contributing factors make differences in the amount of calories burnt from dancing. But it is estimated that a person weighing 180 pounds can burn about 450-480 calories for performing one hour of salsa dancing.

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