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There are so many ways to burn calories to achieve the goal of flat stomach. People seem to try various ways for burning calories since the goal is set once. Among those different moves biking is very common and popular type of exercises.

Here I am not going to explain about the advantages and disadvantages of biking. What I would like to inform is if you want to achieve your goal just by biking then it might be real tough for you to reach in the destination. And I really doubt about your success as I have seen so many friends of mine strived to gain their flat stomach only by cycling and failed at last. I don’t want you to implode.

So, what I would like to suggest in this perspective is you may chose this workout as a related exercise along with others. I am not telling that you should keep your bike in the garage and run from now on. But I am giving priority on the other cardio exercises rather than biking. When you step into the process to achieve your goal you might find quite a number of ways to make it happen. Concentrating on very few will make the process lengthy.

However, here is a good news for biker. As you may probably know that there are so many advantages in biking, among those one the popular one is it helps individuals to burn calories. By adopting moderate or quicker speed a cycle can make difference in calorie burning. Besides burning calories by performing this move a biker can help to strengthen the leg muscles as well.

While you are cycling, your stomach does not take much pressure. As it is aerobic kind of workout that is why it helps to reduce fat in moderate way. Lower intensity workouts burns weight very effective and sustaining way than higher intensity workouts. The intensity of burning fat depends on how long and steadily you can ride.

You can take an interval between every session. It will give you enough time to restore energy so that you can start for the next session. Besides weight loss, it removes joint pain, hip and back pain.

However when you are cycling, keep eye on the weather. As it is responsible for burning weight. On the warm weather you need to put more effort but the other side in cold weather you can ride bike for longer period. So depending on the weather the amount of burning calorie may vary.

Another important fact related to burning weight with cycling is the path you are going to travel. If you choose, way that is more flat then it will consume less amount of calorie. When you choose steep path then you have to work hard more to go on. Ultimately, you will lose more calories.

To specify the amount of calories burnt by cycling is more harder as there is are significant number of factors work as variables. But, from different studies it is known that if a person weighing 155 lbs does biking for one hour at a moderate speed of 12-13.9 mph,can burn 563 calories in return.

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